BPH is Recruiting New Consortium Members

Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) is a project led by Theatre in the Mill in collaboration with Displace Yourself, Kala Sangam and Mind the Gap.  We are excited to be seeking three individuals to become part of the consortium. 

Why are we expanding?

BPH needs to work for Bradford and its performance scene, and to continue do that we need to ensure that our consortium has a breadth of expertise that reflects the District. We have collated data by the consortium to identify gaps and are specifically looking to widen the representation of this group. We acknowledge we won’t be able to completely reflect the wide diversity of the District through the representation of the consortium, but are committed to seeking active ways in which to address areas where we are lacking or missing voices and identities. 

With a refreshed consortium made up of independent artists and dedicated members from local organisations, we are ready to trial a new way of working that moves away from current hierarchical structures, and instead unites all the parts of the project together as a whole. An integrated, upbeat system which is grounded in inclusive processes, that advocates for real and lasting change for all artists in Bradford.

What Will You Do?

As a consortium member you will meet quarterly to discuss BPH activity, provide oversight and ensure delivery of the project is in line with our ambition and funding commitments. This includes oversight of the structure, design and delivery of the project. Members inform future planning, with the consortium taking collective responsibility for delivering the project in a thoughtful, inclusive, socially and culturally aware manner. 

We want all members of the consortium, whether from organisations or freelancers, to have an equally valued voice that shapes and leads BPH. We are concurrently advertising for an independent external facilitator who can lead our consortium sessions to help our commitment to this. As a consortium member you would share your expertise and experience with artists and BPH team, and attend meetings with the BPH core team and Creativity Council to ensure strong communications across the project.

This recruitment for three new consortium members is within a wider context of policy development and training towards positive and inclusive cultural change within BPH. We know that there is so much untapped expertise in the District that we should be led by. By amplifying marginalised freelance voices at the heart of this project, we hope to go some way to addressing that.

Please click here to read more about Bradford Producing Hub, and here to find out about the Creativity Council. Our code of conduct and complaints policy can be found here.

These positions are freelance roles, with an annual remuneration of £5,000 per year. We expect that this will cover a maximum 27 days of time. This will cover preparation, reading documents, emailing and attendance at 4 quarterly meetings each year. Members may also provide support for artists, and take part in occasional meetings to deal with issues as they arise. The consortium group and members liaise with the BPH employed and freelance staff team, and Creativity Council.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for creative practitioners and arts freelancers who want to be invested in the future of the Bradford performance scene. BPH is a project for artists, which is why we are embedding independent artists at the core of the project. So, we are keen to expand the consortium to include representation from artists from across a range of creative disciplines, especially if you are an artist working in an art form which is undervalued or under-represented. We are prioritising freelance artists with lived experience that informs their understanding of artistic practice in relation to race & ethnicity, disability, socio-economic background and LGBTQIA+ identity and experience.

You will be a creative practitioner with a passion and commitment to the arts.

You may or may not currently work with organisations but will have your own practice and be representing yourself and your own experience and expertise as part of the consortium.

You will have lived experience of artistic practice in relation to race & ethnicity, disability and/or LGBTQIA+ identity which informs your expertise.

✔You will understand the systems that currently exist for the creative sector, and have ideas about how things can be done better.

You will have direct experience of the barriers faced by freelancers.

You will have specific local knowledge about the Bradford Creative Scene.

You will be ready to bring new skills and experience to the consortium, and a fresh perspective.

You will be ready to be critical and vocal in meetings, to contribute to delivering the project with rigour.

You might have knowledge about presenting performance regionally, nationally or internationally.

You might have a focus on inclusivity, environmental sustainability and access in your work.

You might speak more than one language.

You might have experience of migration or displacement.

Why you might be interested?

 You Will:

Be able to build strong partnerships with freelancers and organisations across Bradford.

Use your direct experience to make working conditions better for other freelancers across the district and beyond.

Have a platform where your ideas for this project are heard and will make collaborative decisions which drive the project forward.

✔ Use your aspirations and perspective to help shape what BPH offers for the greater good of independent performance-makers in Bradford.

Get insight into the challenges and opportunities of partnership projects and city-wide cultural strategy.

Have the opportunity to highlight overlooked issues and missed opportunities to be addressed by the project.

Take part in professional development and training opportunities available to all consortium members. 

Have access to complimentary tickets for some BPH and project partner performances.

Be contributing to building a supportive and supported community of independent artists.

Interested in Applying?

The successful candidates will still be able to apply for BPH funding opportunities, as funding decisions are made separately from the consortium.

If you are interested in applying for this role but are unable to receive payment for it due to interference with current benefits, not registered as self-employed or unable to work in the UK, please reach out to us so we can discuss other options. BPH is funded using Lottery money, but there is other funding available for this role should you not want to receive lottery funding due to religious or other reason.

How to Apply

We want to make sure all opportunities at Bradford Producing Hub are accessible to anyone who wants to apply. More information is available on the Bradford Producing Hub website. Additionally we are happy to discuss the opportunity over the phone or in person. Please contact Helene on 07342 058 539 who will arrange for an existing member of the consortium to speak with you.

When applying please tell us about your relevant skills and experience and why you feel this is the right time for you to join the consortium. 

We can accept your application in a variety of ways.

Written Statement (No more than 2 pages)

Video (No more than 4 minutes)

Recorded audio (No more than 4 minutes) 

Please send applications to Theatre in the Mill via Application deadline: Friday 3 December by 5pm. Interviews will be held on: 15 December 2021.

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