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Bradford Producing Hub Creative Producer (on retainer)

Deadline: 10th July 2020

Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) is seeking to a Creative Producer (on retainer) to support artists in delivering projects funded by BPH.

For this phase of the project, the Creative Producer will be particularly focussed on supporting the process of Stage 2 applications to ‘Make Work’, and supporting the successful grantees projects through to delivery. The Creative Producer is primarily a supporting and advisory role for artists. It is not intended that they will be the hands-on producer for the creative projects, however some projects will require more practical support.

‘On retainer’ means that we will pay a fee for a fixed number of days across a 9-month period, enabling the Creative Producer to respond to the demands of the projects their natural peaks and flows, and to enable the BPH team to confidently call on the Creative Producer to provide additional support and input when needed.

Who are we looking for?

The Creative Producer will have a strong record of producing live performance in a variety of different sizes, scales and artforms. 

We will preference people with a connection to Bradford, but it is not essential for the candidate to be based in the District; however, they will ideally live within reasonable commuting distance. The role will initially be offered on a freelance contract, around 1.5 days per week. 


£200 per day, 48 days in total: £9,600

Read the Job Description and further information.

Still have questions? Contact Lisa Mallaghan, Project Director, to arrange a phone chat, Zoom or Skype

Request for Proposals for
Independent Evaluation

Deadline: 10th July 2020 

THE LEAP and Bradford Producing Hub are seeking a joint Evaluator to support us to understand our impact and iteratively learn from our programme activity.

We are seeking proposals from evaluators (individuals, teams or organisations) with a flexible and adaptable approach to provide both formative and summative evaluations. You will help us to shape and re-shape our programme activity and strategic priorities and to formally make specific recommendations at the end of each year, in support of planning and fundraising for beyond the current funding end date of each project.



£20,000 per annum (ex VAT, including all travel and other expenses). Bradford Producing Hub and THE LEAP have additional resources to assist with costs of data capture


Request For Proposals should be submitted to THE LEAP at by 5pm on 10th July 2020.


Spare Bob

Are you an artist, creative person or cultural organisation who could do with a spare bob (a bit of extra cash) to take your next step, get the development or support you need?

What is it for?

Bradford Producing Hub can provide up to £500 spare bob for activities, training or support that will help you develop or progress your artistic ambitions. Things like:

Advice and Mentoring: like artistic development, audience development, dramaturgy, fundraising, organisational development, tour booking, technical, etc

Training and events: fees for a course or session or attending an event or conference

Going places: travel costs for pitching events or meetings with potential partners and venues

Learning from others: time and costs for shadowing or visiting another artist

Personal development: Your time and costs, so you can develop your practice.

Who can apply? 

Anyone involved in making live arts, living or working in Bradford District

People at any stage of their career. We will prioritise individuals and unfunded companies.

Live arts include spoken word, dance, live art, theatre, storytelling, music, movement and all the other artforms that blur and sit in-between these. When we say ‘artists’, we mean creative people of all kinds: all of the roles required to make brilliant performance, on or off stage.

How much can I apply for? 

Up to £500. We will want to know how you will use the money. You can apply more than once. We’ll prioritise people who haven’t received funding before.

Spaces Fund

Bradford Producing Hub has a small amount of funding available each year to help people and organisations in Bradford to develop new spaces that will support the live arts sector. We have £5,000 per year (£15,000 in total) and expect to distribute this in pots of around £2,500 each.


Projects funded through Transforming Spaces must be:
– specifically about supporting the development of new arts spaces in Bradford District (this can include moving or expanding premises)
– for spaces that will be used by / available to multiple artists / organisations for development, rehearsal and/or performance
– not about renovation, adaptation or fit out of existing arts spaces
– not a capital contribution/fund: it is an early stage development fund – to help contribute towards costs for feasibility, business planning, design, architects, legal, etc
– delivering on the need to help make more spaces available for Bfd creatives, as we heard so strongly the need for through our JCNA.

The fund is a one-off contribution and BPH won’t be able to contribute further financially to any of the projects supported, however we will support in other ways if we are able.

If you have a project that you think meets the above criteria, please send a brief summary of the project to and we will arrange to discuss it further with you.

Organisational or Individual Development and Mentoring

Bradford Producing Hub is able to pair organisations or individuals with mentors and experts to help support your development and growth. This can include things like:
– Business planning

– Career planning
– Artistic and Creative development
– Dramaturgy
– Specific specialisms, like Audience Development, Digital or Evaluation
– anything else that will help you develop your career or organisation in the field of Live Arts

It’s important to remember that these are mentoring opportunities – people with lots of expertise who can help you work through your next steps, but they are not going to do the job for you!

BPH will pay the mentors a fair rate, and has a database of mentors ready to go, but if you prefer you can also identify your own mentor and let us know who you’d like to work with.

If you have an area you need to develop and think a mentor would help, email with a brief summary of what you need and why, and we will get back to you.