Licencing, Health and Safety for shows, image by HOH by Far from the Norm UK

Licencing, Health and Safety

Legal compliance, contracts, licences and risk assessments have been scattered throughout the Outdoor Arts Guide.  They have also been listed below for your convenience. 

Licences and Written Agreements

Brexit Regulations: International Touring.

Contracts: Example freelance contract, Example ITC/Equity small scale touring contract, Example client contract.

Busking Licence (if not performing as part of an event). Email

Temporary Event Notice may be needed for previews in public spaces if not part of an event.

PRS (the Performing Rights Society for rights and royalty payments to use existing music).

 Insurance: Public Liability,  see Sharing the Work.

Vehicle – check vehicles are insured for social, domestic, pleasure and business.

Health and Safety Compliance

✔ RAMS – Risk Assessments and Method Statements: 

Risk Assessment Template,

Example Method Statement

Covid Risk Assessment Considerations. 

✔ Electrical Safety: Read this useful leaflet on Electrical Safety from HSE. Festivals and Local Authorities insist that all portable electrical appliances are PAT tested annually and that you prove that a PAT Test has been carried out – normally by putting a dated sticker on the plug. Further information is available on the HSE website. Check rules around use of generators with the event organiser or site owner.

First Aid: Ensure you carry a first aid kit and at least one member of your crew is qualified to provide first aid at work. St John’s Ambulance provide First Aid at Work courses. You can keep prices down by sharing the course with others.

✔ Food Hygiene Certificate (if serving food/drink as part of a show). Food Hygiene courses are available here.

✔ PIPA Inflatable Inspection: An inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that children’s inflatable play equipment conforms to recognised standards. The scheme is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who were consulted at every stage of its development.

  Bradford Specific Information

 Temporary Event Notice (TEN) for small local events with audiences of up to 499.

Public Safety Liaison Group (PSLG). If you are planning to hold your own event you need to notify the council and work with their PSLG to ensure that your event can go ahead safely. In other local authorities the PSLG can also be referred to as the SAG (Safety Advisory Group).

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Outdoor Arts Guide
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