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Make Work

We’re so happy to annouce MAKE WORK, our new range of R&D and Grant opportunities for creatives with a connection to Bradford. 

There are a total of nine awards available and four different types of awards, from a total pot of £81,000.

The deadline for applications is 3rd July and the Delivery Period is Sept ’20 to July ’21.

The four types of awards available:
Just R&D It – £3000 x 2 awards
Test It R&D – £5000 x 2 awards
Playing Out – £15,000 x 3 awards
Your Idea, Your Way – £10,000 x 2 awards

Got a question about Make Work?

Info Session: If you have a general question, want to hear about the different grants or the application process join Lisa Mallaghan for an info session on Zoom on Tuesday 23 June at 12noon. Just email [email protected] and we will send you the details to join.

Support Sessions: If you want to ask a specific questions about your idea or application, we are also offering a number of 30 minute sessions that you can book with one of our team to help find out what you need to know. The sessions can be done via Zoom or via phone.

Here are some of the things we can support you with:

  • Talking through the wraparound support that goes along with the commissions and other support you might be able to get in Bradford.
  • Telling you a bit more about the Key Areas that we’re looking to address through MakeWork and where these came from.
  • Talk about budgets and what might be achievable within the grant amount.
  • Production and technical advice and guidance – including what stuff costs and what you’d need to think about
  • Share our knowledge of venues and locations in Bradford you might want to work with.
  • Asking questions that will help you think through your idea in more detail or areas you might need to develop a bit more
  • Thinking about marketing and helping you understand who the audiences for your work could be.

As we can only offer you one session, for a maximum of 30 minutes – please have a think about what you need to know and who in our team might be best for you to speak to:

Shazia Bibi is a writer, actor and producer and can help you think about your vision for what you want to create, talk to you about the wraparound support available and some of the venues in Bradford. Tuesday 23 June – 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Ben Rothera is a Creative Producer, he can offer advice around working out your overall budget, understanding the assessment criteria and Key Areas for Make Work. He can also help you think about marketing and how you’ll get people involved. Wednesday 24 June – 10am to 1pm

Ben Pugh is a Production Manager and can support you to think about the practical implications of your idea (lights, sound, projection, sets, making work outdoors, planning for unusual spaces) and what these kinds of things could cost. Thursday 25 June – 11am to 2pm

To request a slot, just email [email protected] with who you would like to chat to, and whether you would prefer phone or Zoom – we’ll then send you your 30 minute time-slot. If you’re not sure who you’d like to speak to or you have a number of questions, just send us a few notes about what you’d like to discuss and we’ll match you with who we think will be most helpful.

Clarity and fairness

In order to be clear and fair to everyone, there are some things that we can’t provide through these conversations – so please bear this in mind. This includes:

  • Reading applications or telling you what to say in your answers to the questions – but we can help you think about the sort of information to include.
  • Advice on your chances of success – it will be a range of people from different backgrounds who will all make decisions together, so it’s impossible for us to say.
  • Support on pulling together your creative team or finding collaborators – but don’t worry, we will work with you on this if you are invited to Stage 2.

of questions, please send us a few notes about what you would like to discuss and we will look to match you with who we think will be most helpful.

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