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Outdoor Arts

Outdoor Arts for Bradford artists – Got an idea for a great outdoor live performance?
Need help to make it happen?

From strolling musicians on the street, to a play in a park, to a gig in garden or a spectacle in a city centre – outdoor arts can delight audiences, unite communities and be an inspiring new creative development for artists.

We know that Bradford artists are creative and inventive in the face of a challenge, and many of you have been imagining new outdoor arts events and ways to connect with audiences at this time – and we want to support you!

This training is about helping you get to grips with what it takes to put on a performance outdoors and develop the skills to make your idea a reality.

It is designed for people who are new to outdoor arts, or have tried one or two small events outdoors and are ready to take the next step. You could be an individual artist, a company or a group of people who want to work together – the most important thing is that you already have an idea for a new live performance to happen outdoors in Bradford.

What will Outdoor Arts training cover?

This training will cover lots of areas important to creating new work including:
• Helping you refine your creative idea and vision
• Technical and production elements to consider when outside
• Planning and project management
• Doing things safely and getting permission

Day 1 –
Saturday 24 October, 10am to 6.30pm

Your creative idea

• Hear from inspiring artists who have made outdoor performance
• Understand more about the creative possibilities and challenges of working outside
• Learn about the people and skills you will need on your team
• Talk to other artists and get feedback on your idea

Day 2 –
Saturday 31 October, 10am to 6.30pm

Technical, Production and project management

• Learn about the technical and production elements to consider when outside
• Support on how to write a budget for your project
• Successful planning and project management tips
• Guidance around doing things safely and getting permission

Day 3 –
Saturday 7 November, 10am to 6.30pm

Fundraising and marketing

• Find out about different places where you might be able to get money for your project
• How to approach possible funders and write good applications
• Support with thinking about who the audiences could be for your work
• Learn about marketing and ways to tell people about your idea

All three training days will be in-person in Bradford

Who is this for?

Outdoor Arts is open to artists, companies, producers and groups of artists who live or work in Bradford and are newer to outdoor work.  You might have created a few small outdoor works and be ready to take the next step or not created anything outdoors before – this is fine.  You might have lots of experience of creating work indoors and this is fine too. 

If you have lots of experience creating outdoor events, this probably isn’t the right training for you.   

You do not have to have plans to stage your idea in Bradford, but we are expecting to have a high number of applications so we will prioritise ideas that will happen in Bradford – but if you want your event to happen in other places too, that’s fine.

What sort of commitment is it and do I have to attend all the sessions?

This opportunity is about spending focused time on your idea and how to make it happen – so the three training days will be packed full of useful knowledge and guidance.  The days will be split into workshops/ talks from experts, individual one-to-one discussions and there will be plenty of time for you to work on your plans. So you need to be available all day for all of the sessions. 

We also expect that you would spend around half a day after each session doing more thinking and planning for your idea.  There will also be up to a day of individual support/mentoring after the training days and you will need to prepare for the pitching session which will happen in November (we will confirm the date and time asap).

Please think about if you are able to make this kind of commitment before you apply.

Do I need to have an idea for a project I want to do?

Yes, Outdoor Arts is designed for people who have a clear idea for a live performance in mind and need support to make it happen.

The focus of your idea should be a new live performance that you will play a key role in creating – it is not really for people who want to create festivals, or other events where you would arrange for other artists to come in and perform their work. If you are a musician/band creating new music and have an idea for an exciting performance of your work to reach audiences outdoors, this will be considered.

You could also apply if you have a show or
performance that you have already created
which you think could be adapted to
happen outdoors.

Your idea could happen anywhere in Bradford
and it is up to you how many people
experience it.

How much will I get for taking part in Outdoor Arts?

We can provide a bursary of £50 per day for each of the training days, and for the individual mentoring.

Will you support access needs?

Yes, we want to make sure you can fully get involved with this training and will aim to provide whatever support you need. This could be things like interpretation support, information in other formats, meeting travel costs, supporting with caring commitments or whatever else you require. All training will be held in accessible venues. Talk to us about what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Will I get individual guidance?

Yes, each artist will get some one-to-one time with experts in all the different training areas to discuss your project.  You will also get up to 1 day additional support and guidance from a creative producer and up to 1 day with a production manager, both of who have lots of experience in outdoor work. 

Can other members of my team or people I want to work with take part in Outdoor Arts?

We understand that it might be useful for someone else to take part in this training with you too, such as a producer, project manager or another artist you will work with.  However we want to make sure that all the training is safe and inline with Covid-19 guidance, therefore numbers are limited.  If you would like someone else you work with to take part too, please tell us in your application and we will accommodate this where possible – but they must also be able to attend all the sessions.

If you require a support worker to be with you during the sessions, this is fine and we will make sure we can accommodate you both.

I have other questions

We’re always happy to answer questions and provide more information, drop us a line to [email protected] and one of our team will get in touch.


This training will be in person in Bradford city centre – our primary concern is for everyone’s safety and so we will be following strict social distancing and Covid-19 guidance at all times.  If at any point the situation should change and it is no longer safe to run this training we will look at moving online or changing the dates, and will let you know straight away

To apply, please tell us:

Your name and link to Bradford
(live here, work here etc)

A bit about your background
(no more than 200 words – but less is fine)

Why you are interested in this training and the difference you think it will make to you (no more than 200 words – but less is fine)

A bit about your idea for live outdoor performance including:
• An overview of what you would like to create
• Any work you have done on this idea so far, if appropriate (such as if you’ve already done some R&D on it or it’s an indoor piece you’ve already made and would like to create a version for outdoors) 
• Any thoughts you have about where it could happen (no more than 300 words – but less is fine)

You can send your application in any format you wish. You can record your answers as a video or audio file (selfie-style on a mobile phone is fine) and send it to us – please keep this to no more than 4 minutes long.

Please email your application as an attachment or link to: [email protected]

Deadline for applications:
Tuesday 29 September at 10am

If you have any access needs that mean you need help making your application, please get in touch with us so that we can support this.

Assessment Criteria:

There are limited places and we expect lots of people will apply. Therefore when making decisions we will aim to make sure we have people from a range of backgrounds and characteristics. We’ll assess applications based on your interest in creating outdoor work and the difference it will make to you, along with making sure we have ideas and projects from different artforms and types of live performance.

Outdoor Arts illustration with cartoons