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PRS Foundation is the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development. The project or activity must be for the creation, performance or recording of new music.

PRS invests in the future of music by supporting talent development and new music across the UK; enabling songwriters and composers of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world.

The Open Fund for Music Creators supports the development of outstanding songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds at different stages of their career.

Our Information sheets aim to give you enough info to help you understand whether:
A) This funder will support your work.
B) Your project fits the criteria
C) The application process.
D) Whether it’s worth your time applying for this particular fund.

If you do decide to apply, please do not rely on this page to give you all the information – make sure you go to the funder’s website and read all the information and guidance they provide.

Please note: This information sheet was created by Bradford Producing Hub to support artists to understand funder opportunities and criteria. The information is accurate as of 23/06/2021. 

What is a Music Creator?

PRS Foundation classes the following as music creators:

Songwriters, composers, artists, bands, producers or performers who write their own music.

They don’t support performers who don’t write their own music.

Who Can Apply?

Songwriters | Composers | Artists, bands, producers or performers who write their own music.

What you can apply for?

Funding includes support of:

✔  Creation of new music.

✔  Music Creator fee (to cover your time and work).

✔  Touring and live performances.

✔  Recording and release.

Creative residency costs.

Fees to creative collaborators.

✔  Promotion and marketing (when there is also an element of creation and/or performance).

Key Dates

19 October 2021 is the next deadline.


Grant Range

The Open Fund for Music Creators offers grants of up to £5,000.

How do you access an application form?

All PRS Foundation applications are completed online unless otherwise stated and must be accessed by clicking on the link found on each scheme’s page. Once you have started a form, you can log back in using this link.

Account details for PRS for Music registrations will not work when trying to start an application with them; you must create an account for PRS Foundation. 

What music examples should I give to PRS?

Your music is an essential part of your application. For most schemes, advisor scores for music are considered as 50% of your overall score. You are therefore advised to submit your most outstanding music.

They expect direct links to specific tracks or songs as opposed to a landing/profile pages where it is not clear which track an advisor should listen to.

It often helps to submit music that best represents your current style. It should also be relevant to what you are applying for.

It is your responsibility to ensure that links work up to 12 weeks after they’re uploaded – don’t take them down within the assessment period. If you’re using a password protected site or private link, ensure that you provide them with the relevant password.

If applying for a festival that has an emerging artist stage, please do not give musical examples from established headline acts who do not need support – show them the emerging artists that you’ll be showcasing who are representative of the activity you want them to fund.

Do you need to show scheduled performance / recording dates before you apply to them?

Demand for their funding is very high. For most schemes they ask for an outline of planned activities.

Within activity charts applicants can outline the status of activity, usually with the options ‘Confirmed’, ‘Provisional’ or ‘Unconfirmed’. In most cases, ‘Confirmed’ activity is prioritised, meaning for example that a UK tour with 6 confirmed dates is more likely to receive funding than a tour with no dates confirmed.

Advisors are asked to consider activity status within the context of the project, including the context of the main genre music creators work in. This recognises the fact that for some genres, it is unlikely that all dates will be confirmed 12-18 weeks in advance of preferred performance dates.

Some tips for those unable to include ‘Confirmed’ activity:

✔  In your application, show them that you have a track record of making similar projects happen.

✔  Tell them if you’ve had a conversation with promoters, venues, bookers, agents or performers.

✔  If you don’t have exact dates, show them the timeframe and venues you have made plans with.

✔  At the very least indicate the types of venues, likely locations or possible studios you might use.

If you don’t have this information, consider waiting for a future deadline as this can influence the final decision.

Full information on  The Open Fund: Criteria – PRS for Music Foundation website.

Please note information has been directly taken from the PRS foundation website, please keep up to date with most recent guidelines and updates on their website.

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