What is Bradford Producing Hub?

Bradford Producing Hub aims to make sure Bradford is a creative city where lots of amazing live performance is happening all the time.

It is a pilot project that will test radical new approaches to producing live arts, supporting creative talent, developing a local arts workforce, and partnering with communities across Bradford to reimagine the city as a thriving hub for performance. 

BPH is led by a consortium of 3 Bradford organisations and 3 independent artists: Theatre in the Mill, Kala Sangam, Displace Yourself Theatre, Urussa Malik, Kamal Kaan and Liz Mytton– but the project is for everyone interested in making and seeing more live arts in Bradford.

In September 2019 the project was awarded £1.5 million from Arts Council England.


Across all 3 years, BPH is working to deliver 8 key strands:

Gathering and understanding the needs that BPH should address, to support the creation of more Live Art in Bradford.

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Providing a structured and responsive strand of training and development opportunities for all artists at any point of their career, that will support the creation of more Live Art in, and coming out of, Bradford.

See current training opportunities here.

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Ensuring work that’s made reaches audiences, and is what audiences want to see. Improving the ways audiences find out about and engage in live arts.

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Providing Research & Development funding, Commissions and creative support to enable the creation of more and better Live Art in and by Bradford artists.

Current funding opportunities are here

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Ensuring there are spaces for performance and doing what is possible to increase and improve performance infrastructure and facilities.

Know a place you would like to see performances happen?

Creating better ways for people to find out about and share live art, including knowing what’s on and booking tickets easily.

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Ensuring the project is well managed and supported, while creating new routes into the arts sector.

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Evaluating and sharing the successes and failures of the project, proving need, and having a constant eye to the future.

Read our Year 3 Evaluation Report. 

BPH Values and Principles

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Meet the team

Lisa Mallaghan

Project Director

Lisa is the main point of contact for the Producing Hub, and is working with the Consortium and the project team to ensure the project delivers what it has set out to do, and more!


Rosie Hay

Admin and Finance Coordinator

Rosie is the administrative back bone of BPH! We love Rosie. 


Frances Murphy

Marketing Manager

Frances provides communications support to the team, marketing and outreach across all our activities.


Ben Rothera

Training Programmes Producer (freelance)

Ben works with our Creative Instigators to make sure that artists in Bradford have access to expertise and guidance for their creative projects.


Andrew Wilson

Programmes Producer (freelance)

Our Programmes Producer provides support to BPH through the project management and coordination of our events and programmes.


Kirsty Taylor

Creative Instigator (freelance)

Kirsty seeks out artists from Bradford and finds out how BPH can best support them in producing fantastic live art. 


Nicole Joseph

Creative Instigator (freelance)

Nicole provides support to live artists in Bradford through one-to-one advice, and the development of larger support programmes. Nicole is currently leading our Empowered programme. 


Sinead Campbell

Bradford Music Lead (freelance)

Sinead supports the music scene in Bradford, in a joint partnership with Bradford Council and Music Local. 


Sonia Sandhu

LGBTQIA+ Arts Instigator (freelance)

Sonia seeks out LGBTQIA+ artists making work in Bradford and finds out how BPH can best support them.


Alison McIntyre

Visual Arts Instigator (freelance)

Our Visual Arts Instigator seeks out artists making work in Bradford and finds out how BPH can best support them.


Ben Pugh

Production Manager on Retainer (freelance)

Ben works across different strands, supporting training programmes and performances.


Our Consortium

BPH was made to happen by 6 local arts organisations – a mixture of small independents and Arts Council funded organisations. We currently have 6 Consortium members including 3 independent artists; Urussa Malik, Kamal Kaan and Liz Mytton and 3 organisations; Theatre in the Mill, Displace Yourself Theatre and Kala Sangam.

The funding is not for these organisations, or their regular activities – it is their role to make sure that the project benefits everyone who is involved with, and experiences, live performance in Bradford.


BPH has a large number of supporters from the arts, education, business, social care, charities, community groups and health who all helped us get to this point. It is also supported by Bradford Council who were instrumental in helping generate this funding.

But this is just the start, BPH needs more organisations to be involved, and more supporters and partners from across the City and beyond – if you have thoughts about how live performance could be a part of your life, workplace, community group, company, institution or organisation please get in touch.

Create | Live | Perform

BPH will pilot an approach to producing live performance that embraces risk, champions diversity and puts audiences at the centre of decision-making. 

Create: Providing training, support and pathways for more people to create live art

Live (‘to live’): Ensuring the local arts sector is strong and sustainable, so that more people can live off their art and more people can have fulfilling creative lives.

Live (‘it’s live’): Investing in more live arts, so more people can see more brilliant, world class work in Bradford.

Perform: Increasing the opportunities for all people to do, see and get involved in performing, of all kinds.

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