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Here you can find a range of reports we have developed and commissioned here at Bradford Producing Hub. As a needs-led organisation it’s essential to us that our programme is informed by what artists, freelancers and arts and culture organisations across the Bradford district need. If you have any questions or comments about anything contained in our reports, drop us an email to

Needs Analysis

LGBTQIA+ Impacts and Arts Instigator Summary

This report provides a summary of the scope, range and impacts of work carried out to support the development of LGBTQIA+ arts and artists in Bradford since 2020.
Needs Analysis

Bradford Creative Workspace Needs Analysis Report

This report examines the lack of secure and affordable creative workspace in Bradford and the impact on creativity, growth, and sustainability of the sector.
Needs Analysis

Bradford Dance Consultation Report

This report was written by Dramaturg and Facilitator Lou Cope, as the result of a consultation process with the dance sector of Bradford, commissioned by Bradford Producing Hub.
Needs Analysis

Bradford Visual Arts Needs Analysis Report

Over a period of 6 months in 2023 our Visual Arts Instigator, Alison McIntyre conducted a period of needs analysis across Bradford.

Year 4 Evaluation Report

“BPH is one of the most outstanding things I have ever seen happening in a district. It is agile, well led and active.” Richard Shaw, Bradford 2025 Bid Director
Needs Analysis

Then and Now: A reflection on Bradford’s Joint Cultural Needs Assessment

An update of reflections and considerations on the original JCNA commissioned in March 2020.

Year 3 Evaluation Report

“There is a magic about Bradford you rarely find in other places and dreams have room to flourish here.” Creativity Council member
Needs Analysis

Joint Cultural Needs Assessment

In March 2020 BPH commissioned Anna Franks Consultancy to conduct a Joint Cultural Needs Assessment of the Bradford district.

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