Full English - Bent Architect Photo by Karol Wyszynski
Cecil Green Arts - A Compendium of Mythical Beasts Photo by Ian Hodson
Carlos Pons-Guerra - The Bull and the Moon Photo by Rizman
Khooghi - Kauser Mukhtar Photo By Rizman

Bradford Producing Hub aims to make sure Bradford is a creative city where lots of amazing live performance is happening all the time.

People with Power or Purses

People with Power or Purses

People with Power or Purses aims to help us all navigate the opportunities for creative’s within the cultural scene across Bradford. Sometimes we need space, advice, or time. Sometimes we just need money to make our ideas happen.

It can be hard to understand what each organisation does, what they might be able to support you with, and how best to approach them. We spoke to the people with power, and/or purses, in order to simplify this process and hopefully help you (and them) save time when trying to get the best support for your idea or project.

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Outdoor Arts Guide Urban Astronaut by Highly Spung Performance UK photo by Ravi Ravji Vaya

Outdoor Arts Guide

Commissioned by Bradford Producing Hub and written by Bev Adams, the Outdoor Arts Guide aims to be a useful resource  (rather than a definitive guide) for artists looking to create work for the outdoors.  It provides a brief introduction to the many types of work created for the outdoors and covers the practicalities of fundraising, creating a show, working with artists and audiences, touring and compliance.

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The Outdoor Arts Guide is collated into 6 distinct sections:

Raising the Cash

Raising the Cash

To make a show you need cash to pay yourselves and others; for example for rehearsal space; materials and marketing your show to potential events.

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Working with People

Outdoor Arts is an interactive medium, choosing your performing collaborators and thinking about your audience will be key to your successful production.

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Sharing the work and touring, image from How much is enough Bev Adams for Faceless Arts & Sugla at Ana Desetnica Festival photo by Luka Dakskobler

Sharing the Work

Create a touring and programmers’ pack as soon as you can, so that as you can send it out as you start negotiating with programmers.

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Make Work 2020

When we launched Make Work 2020, our R&D and grants programme for new live work we certainly couldn’t have anticipated our 9 funded artists and companies would be attempting to bring their plans to life during a global pandemic and a time of crisis for the arts sector.

It is testament to every MW2020 artist that they found creative ways to navigate the many challenges thrown at them to create new performance work. From spectacular outdoor dance performance and giant puppets to new script and theatre work profiling hidden stories, from fledging artists to experienced companies Make Work 2020 has brought exciting new work to Bradford and beyond. 

A Compendium of Mythical Beasts

Cecil Green Arts

Hidden Winter

SBC Theatre and The Heard

The Bull and the Moon

Carlos Pons Guerra and DeNada Dance Theatre


Kauser Mukhtar

Destination Bradford

Adam Hughes and Margot Przymierska

A Love Story on Leeds Road

Kamal Kaan

Full English

Bent Architect in association with Natalie Davies


Mussarat Rahman in collaboration with BIASAN

Thyme Café

Kerry Wright

Destination Bradford Talkeoke
Fountains Cafe-1117
Full Enlish

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