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Oastler Market Speaks



Bradford Producing Hub is proudly supporting independent Bradford Producer and Arts Facilitator, Chemaine Cooke to present Oastler Market Speaks; a series of events celebrating the people, stories, and space that is Oastler Shopping Centre, the former John Street Market ahead of its final 12 months of trading.

The Oastler Market Speaks season will run from January to April 2023.

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Oastler Market Speaks is a co-created culture and heritage project with the Oastler Market community. At this pivotal point in the market's history, the project will see artists and traders working together to jointly programme performances and events leading to a range of artistic outputs that capture and celebrate the history and diversity of this unique market community. You're invited to drift, wander and roam - see the theatre of the market - walk the pathways and reflect on your own memories.

Shutters Down by Kirsty Taylor

Shutters Down was originally presented as a site-specific audio play at Oastler Shopping Centre on Saturday 11 March 2023, where audiences experienced the work using wireless headphones as they toured the market.

Get ready to be transported into the heart of the market, looking backwards and forwards, from then to now.

Listen in close to this audio journey capturing the comings and goings of Bradford's John Street Market from the perspective of our lovable security guard Taz as he encounters today's traders and customers, and remembers those that came before him.

Archive Image of John Street Market with shoppers in the foreground

Shutters Down is an audio play written by Kirsty Taylor – local poet, mother of Front Room Poetry and writer of the critically acclaimed play, Cashy Cs: The Musical. The audio is creatively sewn together by MARF, starring some of Bradford's best: Dipak Mistry, Kemmi Gill, Hassan Khan, Paula Trotter, Scarlett Trotter, Chemaine Cooke, Janade Gill and Stephen Thorpe.

Additional audio and traders interviews by Claire Kearns.

Music sampled from 'Monsoon' by Wesley Joseph.

Made as part of the 'Oastler Market Speaks' series of events by Chemaine Cooke.

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