New Producers

Get It Done New Producer Training

Bradford Producing Hub is excited to welcome our first cohort of 17 new producers to further the skills, knowledge and experience of live performance in the region. We are also delighted with our partnership with Leeds 2023, bringing 4 producers from Leeds into this programme. 

Get It Done New Producer Training last for 15 months and includes, workshops by producers and experts already working in the arts, learning visits, as well as networking opportunities to meet like-minded people. Individual mentoring and collaborative projects with other artists and creatives. 

Head shot of Cat Scott with the New Producers

Cat Scott

I’m Cat Scott, I’m an international artist, currently creating kinetic media art installations about what it would sound and feel like to step inside of bubble worlds! I love collaboration and multidisciplinary work that is intimate and immersive, that crosses boundaries and makes audiences think and feel something far from the ordinary. 

Head shot of Francesca Russo with the cohort of 17 New Producers

Francesca Russo

I’m Francesca Russo, I currently work in arts administration. I grew up in Leeds and went to University here. I have produced shows while at Uni and undertaken producing placements with local arts organisations but would like to learn how I can make producing a full-time career. 

Headshot of Hadi with the cohort of 17 new producers

Hadi Hedayati

My name is Hadi Hedayati, Iranian born, and Bradford based aspiring Producer. I was born in Esfahan and I am interested in producing work that connects to middle eastern communities and supports the creation and promotion of Iranian artists.
I’m a fan of theatre, dance, and music productions.

Head shot of Jess Boyes with the cohort of 17 new producers

Jess Boyes

I’m Jess and I work at Mind the Gap. I do most of our fundraising, lots of work on new projects and partnerships, and work with our ensemble of learning-disabled artists to develop their practice. I’ve moved around a bit and moved to Bradford five years ago for work.

Head shot of Kafayat Adegoke in New Producers

Kafayat Adegoke

My name is Kafayat Adegoke. I am an Actor, Broadcast Journalist, and social-impact performance maker. I’m known to be an all-round eager personality. 

Head shot of Kauser Mukhtar

Kauser Mukhtar

My name is Kauser Mukhtar I am a singer, songwriter & poet. I am working with a visual artist on my first theatre project. I live in Bradford with my 2 daughters.

Head shot of Michael Marquez

Michael Marquez

My name is Michael Marquez and I am a dancer/ choreographer/ teacher based in Leeds. I am Filipino, born in Italy and I studied and worked in the USA. I am interested in producing cross-disciplinary works that deal with cultural representation and environmental sustainability.

Ranbir Singh

I’m Ranbir Singh and I currently work in the third sector. I do not come from a professional creative background but have always been fascinated with theatre and art, and its intersection with immigrant communities. 

Natasha Glew

I’m Natasha, I am a theatre maker and festival arts booker. I have been producing work but not formally, attaining funding and running theatre projects from start to end. I have lived in West Yorkshire, (Bradford/ Leeds) for 8 years. 

Had shot of Nicole Raymond

Nicole Raymond

Hi! I’m Nicole. My artist name is NikNak, I’m based in Leeds (originally from London). I’m a music creative and wear many hats – DJ/Turntablist, producer, radio presenter, tutor, sound artist, composer… many things! looking forward to meeting and working with you all!

Head shot of Owen Spafford

Owen Spafford

Hi! I’m Owen, I’m a fiddle player and
 composer from Leeds. I work mainly with
 music and radio, particularly in the
folk/traditional and contemporary classical music genres.

Head shot of Paisley Boyd

Paisley Boyd

I’m Paisley Boyd, I am a comedian, writer, and Assistant Comedy Producer at Bradford Fringe Festival. I also work in a range of freelance roles in cinemas and festivals as a Projectionist. 

Head shot of Paul Christopher Wilshaw

Paul Christopher Wilshaw

Hi I’m Paul Wilshaw. I am the Assistant Producer at Mind the Gap. I grew up in Dorset and moved to Bradford 6 years ago to join Mind the Gap as an actor.

Head shot of William Daniel Leech

William Daniel Leech

I’m Danny Leech and I’ve spent a lot of time working in a range of community projects and services over the years and always tried to include the arts in some form or other. I’ve also had a variety of different jobs – ask me and I’ll tell you the weirdest!
I was born and lived in Bradford all my life.

Head shot of Sajidah Sadia Shabir

Sajidah Sadia Shabir

I’m Sajidah Shabir, Born and bred in Bradford, and am a big Bradford advocate. I am an aspiring producer, but I programme events for a collective in Bradford and I work as an assistant producer for a theatre company. I love all types of live performances/ theatre.

Head shot of Sophie Powell

Sophie Powell

I’m Sophie, I live and work in Bradford as an artist and producer. I worked as the Production Manager for Bradford Fringe Festival in 2019 and Fringe Goes Digital in 2020. I’m working at taking Fringe forward to be bigger and better in the future. I love watching and performing comedy, writing and zine making.

Had shot of Susan Dyde

Susan Dyde

Since completing a drama degree in 1980 I have spent much of the last 40 years working in a range of roles across theatre as a writer, playmaker, actor, singer, director, facilitator and most recently theatrical storytelling. I’ve worked with/performed for thousands of children and adults in the UK and overseas. In October 2019 I produced a site-specific piece on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway that has sparked a new area I’d love to explore and develop. 

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