Aekam Kaur


Artist Information

Aekam Kaur is one of our 2024 Explore Fund recipients. In recent months, she has been using exercise and dance to improve her physical and mental health. Aekam’s background is in theatre-making and through the Explore fund, she plans to develop her skills in dance through her project, ‘Seasons of Change: Exploring the mind, body and spirit through dance’.

“I’m excited to test my mind and body by seeing how much I can develop skills and confidence in dance. I’m curious to work together with dancers to explore creativity and storytelling.”

Aekam plans to explore different forms of dance, and will also incorporate elements of theatre-making, creative writing and filmmaking. Throughout the programme, Aekam will receive 1-2-1 dance tuition from different creatives to explore how her body can be used as a form of self-expression through movement.

“Throughout the process, I will be dedicating some time to writing so that I can explore any thoughts that come up through the experience of learning to dance. This will take the form of journaling and freewriting, and be channelled creatively into poems.”

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