Catherine Fortey


Artist Information

Catherine Fortey is a neurodivergent illustrator from Shipley and one of our 2024 Explore Fund recipients. She likes to communicate the voices of those traditionally underrepresented with pictures, and turn stories into children’s books.

For Explore, Catherine will learn how to integrate RISO printing into her practice to discover how to turn her illustrations into unique prints and zines and create artwork for exhibition and sale at print and illustration fairs.

“As an illustrator typically working alone, I hope to use this opportunity to seek guidance from local creatives, establish connections for potential future collaborations, and boost my confidence as a creator within the Bradford community.”

Catherine feels that exploring RISO will elevate her illustration practice, open new avenues for experimentation and enhance her creative development.

“I’m thrilled about diving into the physicality of RISO printing, surrounded by fellow creatives in a studio setting. The prospect of learning, refining techniques, and having the freedom, time, space, and financial support to experiment has me itching to get started.”

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