Marina Poppa


Artist Information

Marina Poppa is an artist, writer, producer, and recipient of our 2024 Explore fund.

Through the Explore fund, Marina will research and develop a new drag persona inspired by ABBA’s Benny and Frida. Think red hair, platform boots, satin hot pants and a glittery beard! This is Marina as you have (probably) never seen them before – and who knows if you ever will again! Serving glittery gender-queer vibes with song, sequins and silliness – it definitely won’t be dull.

“There are not many Drag Kings, even fewer ‘Drag Things’ – I’d like to use this opportunity to explore gender as a Drag Thing – I aim to make accessible work which leaves people feeling entertained and affirmed.”

In Marina’s main practice, they make work for carnivals and parades tailored to a family audience. Through this new work, Marina will devise a cabaret character that can express their understanding of gender through comedy, song and sequins.

“BPH is supporting me to dip my toes into a new genre of work. I have been watching drag on TV and attending drag shows for some years now, secretly wishing I could get up there myself. And thanks to Explore, I’m going to be doing exactly that – creating a drag persona that will be camp as a Christmas disco!


Marina Poppa
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