Artists & Creatives

Here are all the brilliant artists and creative people that Bradford Producing Hub has worked with, commissioned and employed since we launched in September 2019! Keep an eye out for loads more opportunities to join the BPH gang!

Sharena Lee Satti

A passionate author and poet from Bradford, Sharena writes about her experiences with social stigmas, homelessness, poverty and discrimination, and environmental issues. Finding her voice made her want to encourage others to find theirs through poetry and self-expression.

Lydia Catterall

An artist who supports other creative individuals, Lydia has worked for over a decade in community, charity, arts and academic settings.

Rachel Wood and Irene Lofthouse

Bradford-born Irene has made a significant contribution to the local Arts scene. Rachel is an education consultant and creative facilitator who provides specialist support to schools and other organisations.

Blooming’ Buds

Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company is a Bradford based grass roots theatre company founded by Katie Mahon, the first in her family to go to university from a council estate background. Bloomin’ Buds now offers opportunities for working class communities via running workshops, creating professional theatre and one-off events. Our aim is to increase access to opportunity and to the arts for working class communities.

The Cultural Ecology Project 

Born in Bradford’s Little Germany district with the support of social innovation lab 30 Chapel Street. The training program was developed to offer South Asian female arts practitioners creative opportunities that they otherwise find inaccessible.

Freedom Studios

Based and founded in Bradford in 2007, Freedom Studios has been co-directed by Aisha Khan and Alex Chisholm since 2015. Their mission is to nurture new and experienced artists in Bradford and bring communities together through live performance in non-theatre settings.


Matt Lamont

Brand and print designer based as Assembly Bradford. Matt has extensive knowledge in both creating and developing brands across the country. His passion for design is reflecting now only in his work but in his 3,000 items of design research in his studio, ranging from books, poster, exhibition catalogues and more!

Anna Franks, Maddie Irwin & Susan Ingam 

Known by BPH as ’the Destiny’s Child of Consultancy’ – Anna, Maddie and Susan have between them vast experience of research, data analysis, marketing and communications and creative and cultural education. They are delivering two pieces of research and analysis for BPH: Cultural Needs Analysis and Audience Insight. Their reports and findings will be made available for all of Bradford’s creative sector to use.

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