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Bradford Producing Hub is supporting Bradford Metropolitan District Council to host BD:Festival Kit, a unique skills development programme for those running, or looking to run events and festivals within the Bradford District.

What is BD:Festival Kit?

BD:Festival Kit is a free 5-day skills development programme for events and festival organisers which will run from December 2022 to January 2023. 

With speakers and trainers from across the UK, the programme brings together a brilliant range of practitioners working in the festival and events industry regionally and nationally. The programme will cover a range of areas including developing creative programmes, sourcing funding, building marketing campaigns, and event safety design.

This opportunity is open to event organisers delivering, or planning events and festivals across the Bradford District, where arts and cultural activity is included as part of the events programme.

The series will be delivered in person and participants must be able to attend all of the scheduled sessions – this is to ensure we offer places to those who will benefit the most from the programme and who will go on to contribute to a burgeoning festival scene in Bradford and the wider district. 

Bursaries and access funds are available, see below for more information. 

The programme schedule
Week 1 – December 2022

Day 1: Festival and Artist Programming
Monday 19 December 2022

Day 2: Marketing and Communications for Festivals
Tuesday 20 December 2022

Day 3: Sponsorship and Fundraising for Festivals and Events
Wednesday 21 December 2022

Week 2 – January 2023

Day 4: Licencing, Safety Advisory Group and Risk assessments
Wednesday 25 January 2023

Day 5: Safety Tools for your Festival or Event
Thursday 26 January 2023

Application criteria

You will:

  • be running a festival/event within the Bradford District
  • have delivered at least 1 festival/event prior to the start of this training in December
  • have (or aim to have) arts and/or cultural activity as part of your festival 
  • be over the age of 18

  • you or a colleague must be able to attend all of the scheduled sessions
  • bursaries can only be paid to 1 attendee per organisation per day
How to apply

Application deadline: Friday 2 December 2022, midday

Decisions: Week commencing Monday 5 December 2022

To apply, please complete our online application form. If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing us at

Bursaries and access fund

We are able to support a proportion of applicants with bursaries, access and travel costs. Please let us know what you need when completing your application form.

Bursaries are a contribution towards your time to help you attend when you might otherwise be working. You can claim up to £75 per day.

Access costs are for additional costs you may have to pay to enable you to attend; things like disability support, translation, or childcare. 

Travel costs are to help you with the costs of travel to our events using public transport. 

We do not means-test or ask you to prove that you need this financial support, but we need to agree in advance what costs we will cover (wherever possible), and will ask you to provide receipts to claim costs back from us. We can reimburse your travel costs for the sessions on standard class public transport (bus or train) – you will need to provide us with a receipt, so please keep hold of this. If you need to take a taxi, please get in touch with us as we’ll need to approve this in advance.

Other support available from Bradford Producing Hub
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