BPH response to Coronavirus – 13 March 20


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BPH is a live arts development project that will deliver a wide range of public activity, training and events.
This activity is intended to begin in April 2020 at a small scale, to build up throughout the remaining year.

Fortunately, this activity has not yet been planned in detail, and no significant practical or financial commitments have yet been made.

BPH will carefully consider planning of any activity – by ourselves or others – based on current risk levels and most recent information.

Based on current information and forecasts (time of writing: 13 March 20), BPH is unlikely to plan large group activity for April, as originally intended. But we will now begin to plan how project activity can continue in other ways, using digital functionality, and our creativity!

BPH will respond to up to date Government advice by checking these sites and related links at least once daily:

BPH will ensure all employees follow up to date Government advice. Including:
• Encouraging regular hand washing with soap and water
• Using tissues to catch sneezes and coughs (or using sleeve rather than hand if no tissue is immediately available)
• Discouraging too much hugging and direct contact
• Regular cleaning of areas which are most likely to be touched by multiple people e.g. door handles

BPH Position – as of 13 March 2020

  1. All BPH staff and freelance colleagues will be encouraged to be vigilant and show caution / self-isolate if they have any concerns they may have come across or contracted the virus.
  2. We will practice a raised consciousness of the risk of spread to those with underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems.
  3. We will respect individual decisions on attending meetings, events and travel, and appreciate that everyones circumstances are different.
  4. BPH does not have its own workspace and uses a co-working facility which could potentially equate to an increased risk of spread of the virus. If any case of Coronavirus is reported from anyone at or connected with the co-working space, including BPH staff, BPH will immediately move to a work-from-home scenario.
  5. BPH will follow governmental advice on whether full ‘closure’ is required in terms of use of the office / co-working space.
  6. All staff and freelance colleagues have facility to work remotely, from home.
  7. All meetings can be held remotely over the phone/skype.
  8. In a case of any BPH staff contracting Coronavirus, BPH commit to freelance colleagues continuing to be paid for their contracted working days, whether or not they are able to work. (This applies for Coronavirus only, for other forms of short term sickness usual contract terms will apply.)

If you have any questions or concerns about BPH’s position in response to Coronavirus, please contact us on hello@mind-the-gap.org.uk

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