1-2-1 Health and Wellbeing in the Arts Advice Sessions

with our Wellbeing Champion, Jen Nevin


May 8, 2024

Our one-to-one advice sessions with our BPH Champions are one-off, 40-minute meetings where you can discuss a specific area relating to their specialism. 

Our Wellbeing Champion, Jen can provide time and space to reflect on how you can embed more wellbeing tools into your creative practice, this might include:

  • Time to have space held, be heard in a nurturing environment and have an opportunity to reflect on your creative practice
  • Guidance on holding safer spaces and setting boundaries
  • Planning your sessions – a practical guide to structuring workshops and projects, rooted in care and aligned with your values
  • Sharing guidance on co-creation and the value in inclusive and exclusive spaces to support your and others’ wellbeing

To ensure we can offer these sessions to as many artists as possible, please only book one slot. If you feel you need more ongoing support than these individual sessions can offer, you may wish to apply for our mentoring scheme.

Who are these advice sessions for?

These sessions are open to Bradford all artists, creative freelancers and organisations who would like to find practical tools to support their and others’ health and wellbeing while working in the arts.

These are not therapy sessions, but rather a space to ask specific questions about integrating wellbeing practices into your daily life and your creative projects. You will receive takeaway tools that may support your and others’ wellbeing.

Book a slot

We have both in-person and online slots available.

In-person sessions will take place at Displace Yourself Theatre’s The Place, 31 John Street, Bradford, BD1 3JS.

Jen Nevin is our Wellbeing Champion. She is a white woman with long brown hair.

Jen Nevin

Jen is a theatre maker and therapeutic practitioner based in Bradford specialising in experimental storytelling led by the body that does not rely on spoken word alone.

As a freelance theatre maker proudly working in Bradford for the last ten years, Jen has known some of the challenges of balancing health while developing and maintaining a career in the arts in the North.

Jen’s artistic practice is centred around collaboration that prioritises the care of the individual and the collective. Jen promotes the benefits of active rest and offers spaces where people connect with their bodies to move towards feeling more safe, grounded and supported. Delivering a holistic arts programme on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, she experienced the benefits of creativity, regular movement and meditation to her own and others’ health, and in processing trauma. on returning to the UK Jen was committed to sharing these transformational practices with others.

Jen is the founding co-director of Displace Yourself Theatre, an ensemble of performers, musicians and artists co-creating and touring highly visual performances with people who are displaced from their body, home or country. They share their holistic practices with communities across the UK. Jen is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and bodywork practitioner fusing these practices to support people’s psycho-emotional health. She facilitates therapeutic experiences through sharing circles and wellness retreats in the UK and South East Asia. Her work is socially engaged, trauma-informed and prioritises care.

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