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£500 micro-grant for artists and creatives – Spare Bob

At Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) we have decided to extend our £500 micro-grant for artists and creatives with another round of funding. Times are tough; a lot of people and organisations have been left behind without support or work, and we would like to help where we can. We can provide up to £500 Spare Bob for activities, training or support that will help you develop or progress your artistic ambitions.

Upcoming Spare Bob deadlines: If your application is urgent, please let us know via email as soon as you submit your application at [email protected] 

  • 26th October 2020

  • 7Th December 2020

  • 18th January 2021

What is it for? Activities, training or support that will help you develop or progress your creative ambitions in the live arts sector.Things like:

• Advice and guidance: like artistic development, audience development, dramaturgy, fundraising, organisational development, tour booking, technical, etc

• Training and events: fees for a short course or session or attending an event or conference

• Going places: travel costs for pitching events or meetings with potential partners and venues

• Learning from others: time and costs for shadowing or visiting another artist or creative

• Personal development: Your time and costs, so you can develop your practice.

Looking for mentoring? Please note we have a separate scheme for mentoring – if you would like more information on this, e-mail: [email protected]

Who can apply? Anyone involved in making live arts, living or working in Bradford District People at any stage of their career. We will prioritise individuals and unfunded companies. Live arts include spoken word, dance, theatre, storytelling, music, movement and all the other art-forms that have an element of live interactive-ness with audiences. When we say ‘artists’, we mean creative people of all kinds: all of the roles required to make brilliant performance, on or off stage.

How much can I apply for? Up to £500. We will want to know how you will use the money. We suggest giving a short budget breakdown to clearly identify what you will spend the money on. We will want to be sure that you are offering fair pay to yourself any anyone else involved, but it’s OK if an expert has offered you their time for free. You can apply more than once, but we will prioritise people who haven’t received funding before.

Do I need to provide ‘match funding’? No. We are happy to cover the costs of the entire activity. If you need to get more funding to deliver your activity, make sure you let us know whether you are dependent on that, or whether some activity can go ahead regardless.

What can’t I apply for? 

  • Activity that is not linked to the development of live arts.
  • Buying equipment, including computers, tools, cameras, or any other ‘kit’.
  • General ‘cash match’ for projects.
  • Recorded arts such as development contribution for a short film.
  • Delivering an event, where it is not clearly associated with your own personal development.
  • Contribution towards university courses, including public and private sector courses.

Buying or hiring equipment. We know equipment can be difficult to afford or get hold of. We might know someone who can lend you it – so let us know what you need by dropping us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.

General ‘cash match’ for ACE / other applications. We need to understand what our Spare Bob is going towards, so be specific about what the money will be used for. If this is for a specific element of a bigger project that is fine however we cannot fund an entire project. For example: a full R&D phase.

Can I include access costs? Yes. Please tell us about any access needs or other personal costs you will incur in order to do this activity. These costs can be covered in addition to the £500 Spare Bob. Access costs could include support people, childcare, translators, adaptations – you tell us what you need. We would suggest listing your access costs separately to your main Spare Bob activity.

Can I ask for other support as well such as ‘in kind’? Yes, BPH can help in other ways. We can help with things like meeting rooms or rehearsal space. So you might want to ask for money to pay for a mentoring session and then in-kind support for a meeting room. In-kind support is provided by the BPH consortium members and will be subject to availability.

Can I ask for support before submitting? Yes, you can ask for support by e-mailing: [email protected]  Please remember that a support session does not necessarily mean your application will be successful.

Application Questions: You can write, type, audio record or film your answers, just make sure you answer all the questions clearly and they meet the criteria set. Recordings should be no longer than 5 minutes, and please don’t write more than 200 words for each question – 10 words is fine! Application questions below.

1 – What is your name/company name?

2 – What is your post code?

3 – What is your phone number?

4 – What is your email address?

5 – Would you like to receive our newsletter?

6 – Tell us a bit about what you do, and your link to Bradford?

7 – What would you use the funds for? Please provide a list of what you will spend the money on with the costs involved.

8 – How will this help you in your development or artistic ambitions?

9 – Do you need any additional support in-kind, or access costs?

10 – How did you find out about this grant?

11 – Any other information you want to tell us (e.g. if this is part of a bigger project)?

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What is the reviewing process?

  1. You submit your application.
  2. BPH sends a receipt of acknowledgment to confirm we have received it.
  3. Applications will be assessed by the BPH team at the next review point.
  4. We will email you to tell you whether you have been successful or unsuccessful.

We will ask ourselves:

  • Do we have a clear understanding of what you would do with the Spare Bob?
  • Can we clearly identify the personal or organisational activity?
  • Is the activity connected to live arts?
  • Will this have a positive effect on your development and/or creative ambitions?
  • Does the budget look reasonable and does it represent good value for money? Is everyone involved being paid fairly?
  • Are we supporting artists from a range of different backgrounds, experiences and points in their career, and those who are underrepresented in arts and development opportunities?

What happens if I’m successful? 

  • If we provide you with Spare Bob we will send you a detailed confirmation email. It will include information about how to invoice us and some finance forms to complete.
  • We might ask you to:
  • Acknowledge the Spare Bob in a simple way, e.g. social media, website, programme note etc.
  • Fill in a short form to tell us how it went.
  • Be generous with your learning and share useful things with other artists in Bradford.
  • Have a chat with our evaluator to help us understand what difference Spare Bob is making.

What happens if I’m unsuccessful?

We might suggest another way to support you, e.g. combining similar applications and providing a training opportunity, or putting you in touch with someone who has offered the support in-kind.

We have a limited amount of funds available and receive more requests than we can support, so please think about what you will do if we can’t provide you with some Spare Bob this time.

For any other inquiries/questions email: [email protected]

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