January Fundraising Update


performance on stage

BPH is core funded by Arts Council England and supported by Bradford Council, but in order to achieve the full potential of the project for Bradford further fundraising is needed.

In January we will be producing a Fundraising Plan, to get fundraising activity under way as swiftly as possible. We’ll look at the existing funders and relationships we can bring to BPH; new funding avenues that we might explore (in the spirit of boldness that is guiding our work!); the strengths and capacities that we wish to develop through the process; and how we can best work collaboratively together and with LEAP and City of Culture 2025 to maximise investment into culture in Bradford.

The plan will evolve over the period of the pilot to reflect developing projects and plans, as well as the learning emerging throughout our activities. The first iteration will be produced by the end of January, by freelance fundraiser Anna Scrine.

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