Joint Cultural Needs Assessment is done!


people on a meeting room

We’re really pleased to be able to share results of the cultural needs assessment research carried out through Bradford Producing Hub.

Connected to our ACE funding, we were required to test a new format of research called a Joint Cultural Needs Assessment (different to a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment), designed by Jonothan Neelands. The format of this Research Paper follows and explains this guidance.

The JCNA aims to pull together existing and new cross-sector research that presents the findings for the Cultural Needs of a place. BPH involved 432 people in new research, through Bradford Pools events, discussions with the team, and an Artists and Creative Practitioners Survey. 

It is not for us to respond to these needs in isolation, but to present findings that we can all use to develop strategic aims, support our funding bids, and back up our cases for support. The aim of a JCNA is to bring everyone together to deliver work that responds to the needs of our place.

We are very aware that the size and language of the current report is not accessible to all. We will be working on ways to share the findings in more friendly and bite-size formats, thinking about the different people who may wish to use the report (decision makers, fundraisers, artists etc).

If you’re interested in the report for any reason, please feed into this process by sharing with us the things you would find most useful, or the information you think is most interesting – it’s important that this research is useful and used, and isn’t another report that ends up sat on a shelf!

Download the report here.

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