Make Work 2022 Cohort


Make Work 2022 Cohort

Bradford Producing Hub is thrilled to fund a new cohort of creatives and artists to research and create brand-new performances in Bradford over the next 18 months.

Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) is delighted to commission seven new projects via the third and final round of Make Work: BPH’s R&D and Grants opportunities for the creation of new work. With a total investment of £70,000 of funding, we support artists to create, develop and showcase original performances in Bradford.

This year’s cohort of artists includes actors Tajpal Rathore and Samran Rathore of Tribe Arts, who will be developing and staging an upcoming feature play delving into Bradford’s enigmatic activist and radical past, inspired by the historical events and incidents surrounding the many Asian Youth Movements across the country since the 1970s, and the city’s significant role in building on the resistance tradition of politically Black movements in the UK. It will be British history like you’ve never seen before.

Writer Kat Rose Martin will present Pick n Mix, a funny and fierce coming of age play about sisterhood, Sex Ed and sanitary pads. When Olivia, sister Kim, and best friend Alisha all take a fancy to the same lad, lies are told, secrets are spilt, and their lives are about to change forever.

Writer and actor Sid Akbar will develop F*ck What Other People Think (Working Title), a show about surviving a forced marriage, embracing the truth and one’s authentic self through self-discovery, survival and tenacity: Spotlighting the voices of Queer Brown British Pakistani’s to the front!

Sarah Shead from Spin Arts, in partnership with former scrap metal collector and local community instigator, Robert Myers-Priestley, will collaborate with dance and musician artists Keira Martin and Douglas Thorpe to research a new large-scale outdoor production that will shine a light on Holmewood’s horse & cart and scrap metal collecting heritage.

Writer Kirsty Smith will research and develop a new play about the founding – and folding – of Bradford Women’s Evening Cricket League in the 1930s when for a brief time, the mill towns of West Yorkshire were home to a Golden Age of women’s cricket.

David Carpenter is developing an immersive outdoor experience connecting people in, A Sense of Place, and Irna Qureshi will be researching her one-woman show Moments with my Father, with performances in Urdu and English.

Press release available here.

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