People with Power or Purses Panel Discussion 11 January 2022 11.00am-12.30pm on Zoom.


People with Power or Purses aims to help us all navigate the opportunities for creatives within the cultural scene across Bradford. Sometimes we need space, advice, or time. Sometimes we just need money to make our ideas happen.

It can be hard to understand what each organisation does, what they might be able to support you with, and how best to approach them. We spoke to the people with power, and/or purses, in order to simplify this process and hopefully help you (and them) save time when trying to get the best support for your idea or project.

Now we are bringing all of the organisation leaders together for an online discussion about the support currently available to artists in Bradford.  This will be an opportunity to put names to faces, hear from the leaders directly and ask any questions you might have.

We believe these leaders hold crucial information for creative people in Bradford seeking support to make art- join us and them to hear how to go about it!

Join us for this exciting Panel Discussion, 11 January 2022 11.10am-12.30pm on Zoom.

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