People with Power or Purses aims to help us all navigate the opportunities for creative’s within the cultural scene across Bradford. Sometimes we need space, advice, or time. Sometimes we just need money to make our ideas happen.

It can be hard to understand what each organisation does, what they might be able to support you with, and how best to approach them. We spoke to the people with power, and/or purses, in order to simplify this process and hopefully help you (and them) save time when trying to get the best support for your idea or project.

Bradford Council

+ What they do?

 Arts, Culture and Heritage Grants.

Culture is Our Plan. The ten-year cultural strategy for Bradford 2021-2031.

→ Events in City Park and across the district.

→ Provide the Cultural Strategy – Cultural Place Partnership.

→ Support how culture feeds into policy throughout the council to affect change.

+ What can they help with

→  Support creative processes through conversations- they have an open door to hear about ideas.

→   Signposting and connecting with other organisations and creatives.

→  Finances- new grants programme coming.

→   In kind support- space, relationships, networks, resources.

+  What they can’t do

→Supply or pay for equipment.

→ Pay for production or printing costs.

→ Provide payment retrospectively for something that has already happened.

+ How to approach them

Email Nic Greenan, also see twitter @nic_greenan

She advises you to be prepared and think through what you might need:

Prepare an outline that includes: who you are, what you are bringing to Bradford, why is it relevant and what are your needs.

Bradford Literature Festival

+ What they do?

→  Bradford Literature Festival: a celebration of events every summer which is a reflection of Bradford, national and international literature.

→  BLF see literature as an art form, written and spoken word in all its forms including theatre.

→  Work with schools all year round.

→  Focus on young people and community groups.

→  Book Clubs.

→  Out of festival events eg- Words in the Winter.

+ What can they help with

→  They want to hear about what people are doing locally.

→  Creative sector industry days and sessions- support local artists to develop practice.

→  Provide industry information, guidance and development sessions within the festival, eg- publishing, representation, agents etc.

→  Commissioning- with a focus on children’s theatre/storytelling.

→  Networking and signposting.

→  Volunteer opportunities.

+  What they can’t do

→  There is no open call out/commissioning process.

+ How to approach them

You can contact the festival team in the email below.

Bradford Producing Hub

+ What they do?

→ BPH is a live arts development project. We are here to help the Bradford live arts sector to thrive and grow.

→ By live we mean a live performer to a live audience member (but they don’t have to be in the same room!), and we support anyone involved in making that happen, including creatives, companies, on and off ‘stage’.

→ We provide sector support, training & development, and some direct funding.

+ What can they help with

→  We act on the gaps we find – so tell us what you need: Even if we can’t respond to your specific need immediately (though hopefully we can!), we are constantly evaluating what we’re finding out and adapting our plans for the next few years.

→  Regular funding and opportunities:

Spare Bob – £500 for development projects.

Mentoring – we find (and pay) creative or business related mentors.

Make Work – an annual Grant making strand, grants usually ranging from £3k – £15k.

Transforming Spaces – a small annual seed-fund (£5k) to support the development of new space for creatives in Bradford.

+  What they can’t do

→ We are specifically about LIVE arts: so we can’t fund or support artists or projects that are solely about none-live forms: digital / film / screen, visual arts, recorded music, etc. 

→ We can’t provide ad-hoc funding for creative projects or events: This is because we need to be transparent and fair about who gets funded to do what, so there always needs to be an open and inclusive process. We mainly use our Spare Bob and Make Work rounds for this.

→ If your idea doesn’t really fit with those strands, we will help in other ways: such as identifying other funders, advising on funding applications, helping you develop a plan, finding partners, etc. 

→ We try to be really clear about each of our opportunities, and we always welcome and respond to feedback.

+ How to approach them

Just drop us an email and let us know what it is you need , your ideas,  your questions,  to arrange a meeting.

Kala Sangam

+ What they do?

→ Kala Sangam is an intercultural arts hub which aims to reflect the diversity of contemporary Britain through the work they present, the artists they support and the communities they engage.

→ They are an arts centre that programme performances throughout the year.

→ They have specialist studio and theatre spaces.

+ What can they help with

→  A focus on supporting music and dance primarily, but also theatre and poetry.

→  Specialise in supporting Classical Indian music/dance and South Asian art forms.

→  They can offer specific spaces suitable for dance.

→  Organisational development support.

– Arts Council funding/bid writing/project grants support.

– In kind studio space, mentoring and working desk space.

→ Programming opportunities (12 months in advance- work has to align with at least one of our strands)

→ Paid performance opportunities.

+  What they can’t do

→  The commissioning budget is very limited.

→  They cant support work that doesn’t link to strands.

+ How to approach them

Email Alex Croft – reach out to discuss your idea or project. Alex advises you to outline the idea and think about how it aligns to the strands of a Bradford based arts centre.

Mind The Gap

+ What they do?

→ Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s leading learning disability led theatre companies.

→ Make bold, cutting edge performance & live art events with people with learning disabilities or autism at the heart of the artistic process.

→ Talent development for artists with learning disabilities or autism.

→  Collaborate with other organisations to create an inclusive, accessible arts sector.

+ What can they help with

→ Fully accessible studio spaces for R&D and rehearsal.

→ Open Space programme for disabled artists and artists from Bradford, which includes 2 weeks access to rehearsal space; advice on producing, tech, marketing or fundraising; opportunities to work with MTG’s ensemble of artists.

→ Advice/mentoring on accessible working and inclusive practice.

→ Collaborations where there are work opportunities for learning disabled artists.

+  What they can’t do

→ Commissions.


Support or present full productions.

Offer space during term times.

+ How to approach them

Contact Jess Boyes with an idea of what you’re working on, what you need and why it would sit well with MTG.

Theatre in the Mill

+ What they do?

→ Theatre in the Mill is an arts venue and artist development organisation.

→ They are committed to developing, supporting, and presenting socially responsible work that reflects Bradford and the wider world, and amplifying the voices of those who lack a platform.

→ They develop and present creative work across a range of forms: digital arts, dance, installation, comedy, spoken word, VR, theatre, interdisciplinary performance and many more.

→ They support artists at all stages of their career and are committed to amplifying the voices of marginalised groups.

+ What can they help with

→ Funding (commissions up to £5k).

→  Support in applying for funding.

→ Rehearsal space and residencies.

→ Producer support.

→ Accessing digital equipment and programmes.

→ Learning digital technologies and tech support.

→ Marketing, advocacy and sponsorship.

→ Scratch performance opportunities.

→ National and international partnerships.

+  What they can’t do

→ Programme visiting or touring work.

→ Programme or fund full, finished plays or ‘new writing’.

→ Offer commissions over £5k.

→ Programme or produce massive shows – they may be able to contribute though, if it fits with the core values.

+ How to approach them

The TiM team advise you to read the Programming Policy on their website, and get in touch with them early on in your idea process. 

Drop an email to:

Rich Warbuton, Artistic Director

Jyothi Giles, Senior Producer

The Leap

+ What they do?

The Leap is a Creative People and Places programme of arts and cultural activities in Bradford and Keighley. We aim to get more local people shaping and leading on a new cultural programme for the district. This is a ten year project and will create experiences for, by and with local communities.

+ What can they help with

→ The Leap have various programmes and courses to engage with.

→ Pro Bono Support: Accounting/Finance, Coaching/Mentoring.

→ Access to Peer Support Networks.

→ Opportunities to collaborate with a community.

→Support for community led projects which create social impact and have a sustainable future, are unique and haven’t  been done before.

+  What they can’t do

→  Commissions.

→ Artist led projects.

→  One off ideas. Projects must be scalable with potential to grow.

+ How to approach them