Plays Days with Cultural Comedy Tours and Ella Tighe


Plays Days with Cultural Comedy Tours and Ella Tighe

BPH is delighted to launch our long-awaited Play Days! Moments where creative people from all disciplines come together to explore, share fun and food, and inspire one another. Play Days are for any creative person living or working in Bradford.

WHEN: Friday 30 July, 9.30am-4.30pm 

WHERE: Mind the Gap Studios. Silk Warehouse, Patent Street, Bradford. BD9 4SA

You must register your interest below, by Thursday 22 July at 12pm.  We will then select 12 participants at random. We expect a high demand for Play Days, so will try our best to accommodate people on at least one of the events. 

Play Days are free and lunch and refreshments are provided.
BPH can offer a bursary of £50 to enable you to attend, plus travel costs. Please let us know if you require any access support in the registration form

Note: Play Days are in-person  events in locations across Bradford – hurray! We’re sorry that it won’t be practical to join in a Play Day online.
We will provide all attendees with information and guidance about Covid and any restrictions before you arrive, including whether masks need to be worn, how we will manage social distancing, etc. If you have any concerns or questions, just let us know hello@bdproducinghub.co.uk

We’ve waited long enough- LETS PLAY!

Re-interpreting with objects with Cultural Comedy Tours

The beginning of creating a new piece of work is hard. No-one likes a blank page, not even blank pages. Well this workshop will help. 

Comedians and producers of Cultural Comedy Tours, Dan Nicholas and Edy Hurst invite you to a workshop where the focus is on material generation, based around everyday objects. In this workshop you’ll be exploring how to use objects and material around you to give them an new exciting story, how you can interpret the facts and opinions you (or others) might have about them, into something new and exciting that can be the starting point for a new wider project/show. Alongside this we’ll be looking at techniques around comedy and improvisation and generally having a whole lot of fun. Blank pages welcome.

The Hospitality of Surrender – with Ella Tighe

The session is a questioning of surrender (or submission) within collaboration. Surrender not as a loss of power/control to another but as a mutual reciprocity, an acceptance and allowing. Rather than implying a loss of agency, surrender is re-positioned so that one begins from choice and ownership in their situation. It is a soft assertiveness!

I invite artists from different disciplines to join me in the studio to question how power dynamics, hierarchies and control can be worked through when we come together so that each individual can find a sense of agency. I will facilitate creative tasks which will draw from the dialogue and practices that the different artists propose. The workshop will be emergent, dependent on the desires of the group and how we wish to encounter this moment of collaboration. 

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