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Understanding Production and Technical Management

Making amazing performances and live events look, sound and run at their best takes a host of skills and expertise happening behind the scenes. Production and Technical Management is a vital part of this, understanding how to bring together lighting, sound, staging, special effects, event management and creative vision to make things happen.

Get it Done, Understanding Production and Technical Management, is a FREE programme that will include:
• Workshops run by an experienced production manager with over 25 years hands on work in theatre, music, festivals and events
• Guest speakers working in a range of behind the scenes and production roles sharing their hints and tips
• Opportunities to meet artists, producers and other production and technical people who you might want to work with
• Individual mentoring and support to help you progress in your career

Is this for me?

Production Management Training is for people thinking about a career back stage in the arts, theatre, music, and events or for artists wanting to develop their skills in this area.

You might be:

• Already working in a technical role with a company or as a volunteer in a community group and have some experience but not loads and are interested in taking the next step.

• An artist or creative who looks after all the production and technical bits of your own work too, and would like to further develop your skills in this area

• Working in a different area or role in the arts but think you’ve got the right attitude and approach to really support the creative process from a technical perspective.

• Someone who is just starting their career, or hasn’t worked in the arts before, but loves understanding how to make stuff work and thinks you’d like to give it a try!

How will the Production Manager Training run and when does it start?

The training will be through a series of online workshops through Zoom (an online meeting platform a bit like Skype or FaceTime) – each will last no more than 3 hours.  There will be a workshop every two weeks starting Thursday 30 July and running until November (10 sessions in total).

Can I get a bursary or financial support for taking part?

We have a small number of bursaries available (up to £50 per person for each session) – this is to support people who might not be able to take part without financial help.  If you require a bursary you can tell us this through the online sign up form.

What will the training cover?

The programme will cover lots of important areas in production and technical management. 

All the sessions will start at 4pm and the dates and details are:
– Basics of production planning: what to do and the order to do it in – Thursay 30 July
– Making sense of the money: what to spend and why – Thursday 13 August
– It’s all risky: creating exciting events whilst managing risk – Thursday 27 August
– “The Creative Technician”: knowing the right people – Thursday 10 September
– Light it up: being creative with lighting and what you need to know – Thursday 24 September
– Make some noise: understanding audio and how to use sound – Thursday 8 October
– Straight to video: using projection and video in live events – Thursday 22 October
– Making a scene: getting the best from staging and scenery – Thursday 5 November
– Site specific work: from a shop window to a rugged moor, the magic of unusual spaces and what to ask before you start – Thursday 19 November

What sort of commitment is it?

We think that people who take part in all the sessions will get the most out of it. However, if you have any concerns, access requirements, commitments or responsibilities that could mean attending all the sessions may not be possible get in touch with us so we can look at the best way to support you. Some of the sessions will also be recorded and we will put parts of it online later in the year.

Will you support access needs?

Yes, we want to make sure you can fully get involved with this training and will aim to provide whatever support you need. This could be things like interpretation support, information in other formats, meeting travel costs, supporting with caring commitments or whatever else you require. All events and training will be held in accessible venues. Talk to us about what you need we’ll do our best to make it happen. 

What about practical elements?

We are a planning a number of practical ‘hands on’ days where you can get to grips with a range of equipment and ways of working to put in practice what you have learnt through the sessions.  These will most likely be in 2021 and will be scheduled according to safety around Covid-19 and social distancing. There will be bursaries available for everyone who takes part in these – but priority will be given to people who have done this training.

What if I just want to do one of the sessions?

That’s fine, when you sign up let us know which ones you would like to do.  However, places are limited so we may have to give priority to people who sign up for them all.

I have other questions

We’re always happy to answer questions and provide more information, drop us a line to and one of our team will get in touch.


Our primary concern is for everyone’s safety and wellbeing therefore the first few sessions will be run remotely online via Zoom (an online meeting platform bit like facetime or Skype) – we will keep assessing the situation and when it is safe to do so, the sessions and training will then be in person in Bradford.

To apply, please tell us:

Sign up at

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