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£500 micro-grant for artists and creatives – Spare Bob

We are delighted to be able to extend our £500 micro-grants programme for artists and creatives. Through Spare Bob we can provide up to £500 for training or support that will help you develop or progress your ambitions.

Please note Spare Bob is not a fund to pay someone to do a job for you, it is to help you develop your skills, learning or your ideas in a specific area of your development in a live arts career.

Please download and read the full guidance before applying. You can submit your application in text, audio or video formats. We’re really happy to give you advice and answer any questions about your application, so if you need help just email us: [email protected]

What is it for? Training or support that will help you develop or progress your creative ambitions in the live arts sector. Things like: 

Advice and guidance: like artistic development, audience development, dramaturgy, fundraising and  organisational development. Getting support on business plans, tour booking, music marketing and PR focusing on the live arts sector or technical guidance. Spending time with a producer or songwriter to develop your sound as a musician, or to test out your creative ideas in a particular area. These will need to be a learning and development opportunity rather than one where you are paying someone to do the job for you.

Training and events: like fees for a short course, a specific series of lessons, a development session, attending a masterclass, event or conference. This activity will need to link to the work you do or would like to develop.

Going to places: travel costs for attending networking events, music industry showcases, pitching events or meetings with potential partners and venues. Trips to see inspirational work by other people that is connected to your ideas or aspirations.

Personal development: Your time and costs, so you can develop a particular skill.

Looking for mentoring? Please note we have a separate scheme for mentoring – if you would like more information on mentoring please press here.

Upcoming Deadlines

🗸 31 January 2022 at 12 pm
🗸 28 March 2022 at 12 pm

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