Spare Bob Grant

Spare Bob

Returning January 2024

We are delighted to be able to extend our Spare Bob £500 micro-grants programme for artists and creatives. Through this funding, we can provide up to £500 for training or support that will help you develop or progress your ambitions.

Spare Bob is not a fund to pay someone to do a job for you; it is to help you to develop your skills, learning or ideas in a specific area of your development in a creative career.

Please download and read the full guidance before applying. You can submit your application in text, audio or video formats. We’re really happy to give you advice and answer any questions about your application, so if you need help just email us:

What can the grant be used for?

Spare Bob can be used to pay for training or support that will help you develop or progress your creative ambitions in the arts sector. Things like: 

Advice and guidance: this includes things like

  • artistic development
  • audience development
  • dramaturgy
  • technical guidance
  • fundraising and organisational development
  • support on business plans, tour booking, music marketing and PR specific to the live arts sector
  • spending time with a producer or songwriter to develop your sound as a musician, or to test out your creative ideas

Training and events: this includes things like

  • fees for a short course
  • a specific series of lessons
  • a development session
  • attending a masterclass, event or conference

This activity will need to link to the work you do or would like to develop.

Going to places:

  • travel costs for attending networking events, music industry showcases, pitching events or meetings with potential partners and venues
  • trips to see inspirational work by other people that are connected to your ideas or aspirations

Personal development: Your time and costs, so you can develop a particular skill.

Eligibility Criteria

You should be able to tick all of these:

• You are an artist living in or making work in Bradford
• Your developmental activity is clear and achievable
• The developmental activity you have highlighted
maybe part of a project or area of your development and not funding towards a full project delivery
• There is a clear idea of how the funds will be used

N.B. That our guidelines state that this fund is for people working in performance and live arts, however, this fund is now open to creatives across all artforms. 

Upcoming Deadlines

Applications are currently closed for this fund.

Application Questions

To help you prepare for the application, here is what we will be asking you in the form:

1. Tell us a bit about what you do, and your link to Bradford.

2. What would you use the funds for? Please provide a list of what you will spend the money on with the costs involved.

3. How will this help you in your development or artistic ambitions?

4. Do you need any additional support-in-kind or access costs?

5. If you have had a previous successful application, please let us know the impact of the funds and the activities you did.

Other support opportunities

Please note: Spare Bob and Mentoring applications are cross-referenced to ensure funding opportunity is fair and accessible to different artforms and practises. Each applicant is only able to have two successful grants. You will not be eligible for the third time. Unsuccessful applicants are able to apply to Spare Bob as many times as they like.

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