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A Love Story on Leeds Road is an exploration by writer Kamal Kaan and director Dominic Leclerc, of the hidden stories that lie within the renowned Leeds Road: a stretch of Bradford that’s like an entire universe along one continuous spine of Bradford.

Having spent time interviewing the inhabitants and exploring, photographing and documenting the area, along with Yorkshire based photographer Christopher Nunn, the interviews were then woven together into a short audio-documentary edited by Ed Waring and with support from Jenny Harris.

Kamal was then inspired to write the first draft of a stage play – currently with the working title A Love Story on Leeds Road: a narrative about love, faith and redemption focusing on British Bangladeshi characters.

Kamal received dramaturgical support from the renowned award winning director Clio Barnard and the BAFTA award winning producer Ameenah Ayub Allen. The next stage of the process is to do a rehearsed reading of the script directed by Dominic Leclerc with an ambition to adapt the stageplay for screen. Watch this space!

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