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FULL ENGLISH tells the story of the women of Canterbury Estate – white British girls from the 1960s who married Pakistani men and brought up mixed race children. Driven out by their families and shunned by their husbands’ community, where did they belong?

Told through the eyes of Bradford actor, Natalie Davies, FULL ENGLISH explores the story of how her own grandmother overcame the odds to find her place in Bradford and the legacy of growing up mixed race.

Because, let’s face it, who is full English anyway?

The show has been created in 3 different ways – as a studio theatre piece at Kala Sangam, which premiered to sell-out audiences over 7 performances in June 2021, an outdoor performance event planned for the Canterbury Estate and as an interactive digital performance, developed alongside the renowned interactive theatre-makers, Coney.

Each different form gives a different view of the story and audiences can see just one or all three versions.

Full English was funded by Bradford Producing Hub, the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Bradford Council, and developed in partnership with Kala Sangam and Coop Grange Academy.

“Davies is a warm and engaging storyteller and she held the audience at Kala Sangam in the palm of her hand throughout the evening. Yorkshire Post

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