Application support for Arts Council England’s DYCP grants

Application support for artists actively developing an application to Round 21 of Arts Council's DYCP


Application support for Arts Council DYCP

Registration closes

Sunday 14 July 2024 at 11 PM

Are you in the process of writing an application to Arts Council England's DYCP Round 21, or redeveloping a previously unsuccessful application?

We’re providing producer support to 7 artists to develop their application to Arts Council England’s DYCP Round 21 and help increase your chances of success! 

What is DYCP?

DYCP stands for Developing Your Creative Practice and is an Arts Council England fund to support individuals who are cultural and creative practitioners and want to take time to focus on their creative development. Individuals can apply for between £2,000-£12,000 . 

Upcoming DYCP deadlines:

  • Round 21: 12pm (midday), Thursday 22 August 2024
  • Round 22: 12pm (midday), Thursday 12 December 2024 

To find out more about about DYCP, head to We’re also hosting a DYCP webinar on Friday 2 August – book your free place.

Who can register for DYCP application support?

To be eligible for our DYCP application support for Round 21, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are 18 years old or over
  • You are living in, or making work in the Bradford district
  • You are actively developing* an application for DYCP Round 21
  • You are redeveloping an unsuccessful application to DYCP Round 21 that you submitted in either Round 19 or 20

If you’re just starting to look into DYCP and would like application support from Bradford Producing Hub, we recommend aiming for the DYCP Round 22 deadline in December 2024. Registration for our application support for DYCP Round 22 will open in Autumn 2024.

*See our FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information on what we mean by ‘actively developing’ an application. 

What does the application support include?

We are working with Victoria Firth to provide producer support to 7 applicants to DYCP Round 21.

This support includes: 

  • An online meeting (Zoom or similar) to talk through your plans and what you would like to apply for. Victoria will offer initial guidance, questions, actions and things for you to think about.
  • After you’ve written the first draft of your application, Victoria will read this and provide detailed feedback either via email or through another meeting.

Please note that Victoria will not write your application or do the work for you.

Support timeline

The timeline of support is detailed below. There is no flexibility around these dates so please only register for support if you can commit to this timeline.

  • Sunday 14 July
    The deadline for registering for application support for Round 21 of DYCP
  • Monday 15 July
    After conducting a ballot of eligible registrations, we’ll inform you if we will be offering you support
  • Week commencing 22 July
    Your initial meeting with Victoria will take place
  • 29 July – 8 August
    You will be required to be working independently on your application
  • Friday 9 August
    The deadline to get your draft application to Victoria
  • Thursday 15 August
    You will receive feedback on your application via email or online meeting
  • 16 – 22 August
    You will be required to spend time redrafting and further working on your application
  • Thursday 22 August at 12 PM (midday)
    The deadline to submit your DYCP application to Arts Council England
Join our online info session

To find out more about the application support we can provide, join us for our online info session on Monday 8 July at 3.30PM. 

To get the most out of the session, we highly recommend you join us live, however, if you cannot attend at this time you can book a recording-only ticket. We will share a recording of the event with all ticket bookers. 

Register now

To register for DYCP Round 21 application support, please complete the registration form below. You can prepare in advance by viewing the registration questions in our FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Registration closes on Sunday 14 July at 11 PM.


To help you prepare in advance of completing the registration form, below are some of the questions we ask. These questions are in addition to general questions about you and your eligibility. 

  • Please tell us, in as much detail as possible, what steps you have taken so far to prepare your application for Round 21 of DYCP.
  • Can you briefly describe your creative practice?
  • Can you give us a brief description of your DYCP application?
  • Are there any specific areas of your DYCP application that you would like support with?
  • If any, what support have you had with this application so far?
  • Do you have any access requirements that we need to know about when communicating with you and providing support?

For fairness, if we receive over 7 eligible registrations we will enter them into a ballot for random selection. 

This is to ensure we are supporting individuals who are truly ready to apply for the DYCP Round 21 deadline on Thursday 22 August 2024. 

If your application for DYCP is not yet well developed, we will be providing application support for an additional 7 artists for DYCP Round 22, which closes on Thursday 12 December 2024.

By ‘actively developing an application’ we mean that you have definitely decided you want to apply to Round 21 and done significant work towards your application.

This is likely to include things like:

  • You’ve had meetings or discussions with collaborators or partners who might support you in the project
  • You have identified who will write your letter of support and approached them
  • You have begun writing your application or drafting answers to the key questions
  • You have created a draft budget
  • You have planned a proper timeline for your DYCP project and how it will fit with your other work and other commitments

Yes, we will be supporting an additional 7 artists to apply for DYCP Round 22 later this year. If you would like to register for application support for Round 22, we highly recommend that you start to develop your application as soon as possible. Registration for application support for DYCP Round 22 will open in the Autumn. 

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