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PROPEL is our PAID work placement programme for early-career producers and production managers

After its launch in spring 2023 for people who have previously completed our producer and production management training, PROPEL returns for 2024 and is now open to anyone interested in developing their career as a producer or production manager

This year, we’re not just inviting you to gain experience through our paid placements; we’re equipping you with training to supercharge your skills and ensure you make the most of every moment in your placement. This is your chance to launch the next steps of your creative career with PROPEL!


PROPEL is a skills development programme for early-career producers and production managers connected to Bradford. Not just your usual training programme; PROPEL is designed to prepare participants to deliver bold and ambitious new and artistic work through work placements with renowned national venues, festivals and events.

For PROPEL 2024, we’ve partnered with five exciting host organisations to host six placements. Deer Shed Festival and Sheffield Theatres return to the programme after hosting fantastic placements in 2023, and we’re delighted to welcome Light Night Leeds and Quarantine to the lineup.   

What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll

  • be paid £160 per day for around 50 days of work – that’s £8000 in total
  • receive either producer training through LVL UP or production management training from the Guildhall
  • gain hands-on experience working with professional producers and production managers to deliver high-quality events
  • have a dedicated external ‘line manager’ to provide regular professional advice and support to ensure your development opportunities are maximised
  • have access to additional support and training through Bradford Producing Hub 
  • have access to the Make Something Happen fund – £1000 to develop an idea either with your host organisation or in your own practice
  • attend a Go & See trip with the other placement candidates to inspire your work

PROPEL is generously supported by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund and Bradford 2025, UK City of Culture and is part of our ongoing mission to ready Bradford talent to deliver projects of real ambition as we prepare to become the UK City of Culture in 2025.

The Placements

Producer placements

Sheffield Theatres

Applications closed

Apply by Sunday 11 February


Applications closed

Apply by Sunday 11 February

Production management placements

Deer Shed Festival

Applications closed

Apply by Sunday 17 March

Light Night Leeds

Applications closed

Apply by Monday 26 February

Sheffield Theatres

Applications closed

Apply by Monday 26 February

Please read the following information before applying:

You might be reading this and wondering what the difference between a producer and a production manager is – that’s ok!

What is a producer?

A producer oversees all aspects of performance and event production. From fundraising through to creative through to evaluation. 

Read more about the role of a producer on

What is a production manager?

A production manager is mostly responsible for the practical delivery of the performance or event. They don’t need to be a technical person themselves, but they need to understand enough about what’s needed to bring in the right people, equipment and facilities to deliver the ‘thing’.

Read more about the role of a production manager on

You might be interested in both of these roles, and you can apply for multiple placements. Please be aware, however, that you can only accept one place and the deadlines for each placement are staggered. 

You are eligible for the PROPEL work placement programme if:

  • You have a demonstratable connection to Bradford
  • You will be 18 years old or over when the programme starts
  • You are available to undertake the required training to undertake the placement (or let us know if you have already undertaken equivalent training with us)
  • You are committed to pursuing a career in producing or production management
  • You are proactive, and eager to learn and make the most of this opportunity
  • You are ready to get involved and get hands-on as part of the host organisation’s team
  • You are organised with your time and able to follow instructions 
  • You have good admin skills and are able to use email and Microsoft Word and Excel
  • You can fully commit to this opportunity and are available for the dates listed on the host page (if you can do the majority but there are a couple of dates that you can’t do, please speak to us as there may be some flexibility in these cases)

If you wish you can apply for a placement with multiple organisations – you will only be selected for and offered a place with one.

  • Download our application form
  • Send the application form to along with your CV by the closing date detailed on each host page
  • The host organisation will also read your application if you are shortlisted
  • You will be interviewed by the host organisation and BPH together – the interview will last no more than 60 minutes, we will keep this as relaxed as possible and there will be chance for you to ask questions too
  • Once you are offered a place, you’ll have a kick off meeting with BPH and the host organisation to confirm dates and everything around the placement
  • You’ll also have a meeting with BPH where we will talk about external ‘line management’ and the other support available to you
  • BPH will issue you with a freelance contract and confirm how and when your fee will be paid
  • The host organisation will contact you to arrange the welcome and induction process

If you require any access support for this application process, please get in touch with us and we will support you. Email

Each placement will take place on different days – this is to fit in with the working pattern of each host organisation so that you can be fully part of the team and be there when important things are happening. The days and pattern you would be working is detailed on each host page, it may be possible to adjust some of the days to fit in with your schedule if you’re able to do most, but not all of the suggested days.

You will have a senior contact at your host organisation who will provide support and supervise you day-to-day. You will also have support and check-ins from BPH.

Additionally, you will be paired with an ‘external line manager’ – this is someone highly experienced who is separate to both organisations and who:

  • Will help you to think about what you want to get out of this placement and make the best of it
  • You can go to for advice and support about the work you’re doing through the placement or other things you’re working on
  • Can support you with project planning, time management, and balancing priorities
  • Will be a friendly and encouraging sounding-board and share top tips from their own experience

This is a fund of up to £1000 that you can access to do something either with your host organisation or in your own work that will build on the skills and experience you have gained through the placement.

BPH and the host organisation will work with you and support you to think about what this should be, but it could be things like:

  • The costs for running a mini-event that you lead with your host organisation programme e.g. audience welcome event, post-show talk, curtain raiser, community exhibition
  • Doing something new or different that will benefit your development and wouldn’t happen otherwise e.g. putting in place a relaxed performance
  • Learning new skills or increasing your knowledge e.g. covering the costs to hire and learn how to use some new equipment to enhance a performance or event

You will be paid a freelance fee of £160 per day for approx. 50 days. That’s around £8000 in total. 

You will have a freelance contract with BPH and we will arrange to pay you the fee. You will be responsible for paying any tax or National Insurance due as part of it. (If you are new to freelancing we can help you understand this).

Yes, we can provide support to meet your access needs and there is budget available towards travel, as well as for accommodation if occasional overnights are required.

There will be an online information session (date above) where we’ll talk more about the placement, what to expect and answer any questions you might have.

However, you should also do your own research about them through looking at their websites and social media feeds to familiarise yourself.

Yes, but you will only be offered one place. If you apply for multiple, we will make a decision on what we think would be the best fit. Please be aware however, that there are staggered application dates for some placements. 

Yes, please get in touch with us so we can support you –

If you have any other questions, or there’s other information you need, drop us an email to

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