1.4. The purpose of this Review

Our Review has five goals that we hope to achieve.


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The purpose of this Review

Our Review has five goals that we hope to achieve:

  1. Make the data and research easier to access and utilise
  2. Help arts organisations understand what the existing data and research tells us
  3. Demonstrate how it could be useful for strategic planning, fundraising and evaluation
  4. Summarise key facts and provide them in a form that arts organisations can easily utilise in their bids and proposals etc.
  5. Identify gaps in the research and data that communities and artists need to know about, and which could be filled through co-produced research activity.

1.1. How to use this data

Data and research are pivotal in establishing knowledge and a baseline for the process of cultural and social change.

1.2. Why data matters

Arts organisations can use data about a district’s demographics, the creative economy and cultural participation to better understand the broader context in which they operate.

1.3. Why research matters

Research can contribute to social transformation by providing evidence-based insights and solutions to societal problems and challenges.

1.5. What the Review provides

The review covers three areas: The People of Bradford, Cultural Participation, and The Creative and Visitor Economy.

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