Introducing the 8 members of Bradford Producing Hub’s first Board


Introducing the 8 members of Bradford Producing Hub's first board

We're excited to be introducing the 8 members of Bradford Producing Hub's first Board!

In November 2023, Bradford Producing Hub made the transition from an Arts Council funded project to an independent organisation. It’s been a busy time of transformation and we’re pleased to announce our new Board, who have already got stuck in helping shape the future of BPH.

Joining us from East Street Arts is our Co-Chair, Karen Watson alongside Co-Chair, Kamal Kaan who is a Bradford-born actor and writer who writes for stage, screen and radio.

We feel extremely fortunate to welcome Karen as our Co-Chair. Her wealth of experience as co-founding Artistic Director of East Street Arts is much needed in Bradford right now, and her involvement with BPH is bound to make an impact on our district’s arts and culture sector. 

"I have always had a focus and interest in sector support, but it is often overlooked by funders and other stakeholders. I believe if there are services, programmes, spaces and expertise that can support the artists we have a much healthier sector, resulting in a stronger product or more meaningful engagement with audiences and participants. This and the fact that BPH has added the visual arts to their remit and the excellent work they have already done in Bradford attracted me to become a board member."

We’re delighted to welcome an experienced Bradford artist as our Co-Chair. Kamal brings an authentic voice of our district’s creative community to the table and is a valued ambassador for the very people we aim to connect with here at Bradford Producing Hub. 

"Being a Bradford-born and based artist, I loved the work Bradford Producing Hub was doing to support emerging and practising artists within the city and I wanted to be part of the wonderfully passionate team!"

Joining us from our former Consortium are our new Board Members Alex Croft, Creative Director of Kala Sangam; Liz Mytton, Creative Director of Theatre in Flow and Bradford artist, Urussa Malik who was also part of our former Creativity Council. Another valued member of our Creativity Council joining our Board is Stephen Thorp, who has a wealth of experience in people management, operational design, leadership and management development, and project management.

"Having been involved since the very beginning of BPH, I’m really excited to be continuing the journey as part of the new company’s Board. I wanted to become a Board member because over the last four years, I’ve seen the incredible impact BPH has had in Bradford and I want to ensure that artists, producers and creatives in the region continue to have access to this amazing support."
"It feels as though we’re in a season that many of us have been dreaming about for years. As a Bradfordian, I’m so happy to be able to witness the city rising as an example of creative excellence and innovation – I feel proud to be associated with what’s happening right now."

We’ve also welcomed some new faces to Bradford Producing Hub; David Glanville is the Head of Communications & Marketing at the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, and Stephanie Highett, who is a freelance communications and reputation management consultant. 

Having attended our events, Stephanie quickly became a passionate advocate for BPH. Her enthusiasm and professional experience positioned her as a valued member of our new Board. 

"I have been extremely impressed by the achievements of Bradford Producing Hub to date and want to do what I can to ensure its work continues to grow. As we approach 2025, it is essential that we support the extraordinary depth of artistic talent in Bradford and collectively build a lasting legacy that is sustained across the city, the UK and internationally."

We’re thrilled to have the experience and skills that David brings to the Board as well as vital representation from the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

"BPH is an exciting organisation at a crucial point in its evolution and development. It’s building capacity and experience in Bradford’s arts and cultural sector and I wanted to use my experience and skills to support that. The leadership team at BPH are clearly passionate about what they do, and the direction they’re going in, and it’s great to be able to share some of their journey and help them get to where they want to go!"

We’re really proud of our new Board and grateful for their time, experience and dedication as we embark on the next phase of Bradford Producing Hub. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to the team. 

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