Stephen Thorp

Board Member Stephen Thorp


Meet Stephen Thorp, Bradford Producing Hub Board Member. Before setting up the Board, Stephen was an integral part of our Creativity Council.


What attracted you to become a Board Member of Bradford Producing Hub?
I’ve been part of the Creativity Council since BPH came into being and I wanted to be able to continue to support the great work that has already taken place and move forward in this next phase.
What experience do you bring to the role?

I have a background in People Management, Operational Design, Leadership and Management Development and Project Management all of which will be essential in ensuring BPH delivers its priorities and vision.

What excites you about the role?
Being part of the changing face of the City, working with and meeting all the individual people and organisations BPH works with and ensuring that we deliver our responsibilities to them.
What do you love about Bradford?
It’s my home, my roots and my safe place. It’s a City full of stories that need to be told. We have a heritage to be proud of and a future to look forward to!
How would you describe Bradford Producing Hub in 3 words?
Inclusive, empowering, honest.

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