Lisa Mallaghan

Lisa Mallaghan is a white woman with long curly brown hair. She is speaking into a microphone and looking to a person off camera.


Lisa Mallaghan steers the ship and makes sure it floats! Lisa spends most of her time planning, fundraising, developing partnerships and managing the brilliant BPH team, but she makes sure she still keeps time to support local artists and creatives through informal advice and mentoring and enjoys putting her producing knowledge to use.

“BPH brings together my two passions – creating brilliant art and helping brilliant artists develop. It’s a joy to help people realise their potential in their careers and in the work they make, and to embed culture in the regeneration of Bradford.”

Lisa is also a professional singer and has been the lead vocalist in many bands and on a number of albums over the past 25 years. She currently sings with an Americana band – Poison & Wine, and a funk and soul band – Funk Lockers.

“What a time to be a creative in Bradford!! I’m so proud of the part BPH has played in strengthening and growing the sector since 2019, and now we’re City of Culture in 2025! I’m excited by the combination of the regeneration of the city and investment in culture – people are (finally) starting to look at Bradford differently (from inside and outside of the District), more positive voices are rising-up and it really feels Bradford will be a very different place in just a few years time.”

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Lisa Mallaghan


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