Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty Taylor is a white woman with long curly ginger hair.


Kirsty Taylor leads the BPH mentoring programme, Play Days, and networking events. She meets with artists regularly to share her knowledge and contacts of creatives and organisations across the district.
“I love working with BPH and meeting all the amazing artists around the city. It’s a real privilege to hear about people’s ideas in the really early stages and think about how we can support them to make it happen; whether that’s through funding, mentoring or introducing them to the right people. I love connecting with people on a creative level and exploring all the possibilities.”
Kirsty is a writer and educator inspired by her beloved hometown Bradford. She began writing in her early twenties after finding her passion for storytelling through poetry. She has performed all over the country telling tales about people, class and the realities of Broken Britain. Kirsty was a BBC Verb New Voice in 2017 and was awarded the Apples and Snakes/Jerwood Arts Poetry in Performance in 2020. She is the creator of the imitable Front Room Poetry, which takes nanna-style living rooms and world-class poets to unusual settings such as car parks and housing estates. In 2022 Kirsty’s first full-length play Cashy C’s: The Musical, a unique rap and bassline show about poverty and austerity sold out all its shows in under 24 hours, received five-star reviews and was voted in The Guardian Readers’ favourite stage shows of 2022.
“Bradford is a city full of stories and I’m excited about the opportunities people are going to get to tell and listen to these stories in all the different ways possible. As a city, we have a unique approach to creativity and I’m proud to be a part of this scene. I’m passionate about people having access to making and watching art, so with more opportunity, training, development and support, I hope this creates a scene that thrives for years to come.”

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